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Fees and Conditions

TU Berlin Summer and Winter University Fees are as follows:

Summer and Winter Course Fees
Course Type
Cost (Euro)
Standard 4-week course*
Special 4-week course
Standard 2-week course
Condensed 2-week course

* 4-week German language course costs 920.00 Euros


The course fee covers both tuition and learning materials for a course, as well as the cultural program (incl. welcome breakfast, final party, entrance fees to museums etc.), a public transportation ticket for Berlin, Wi-Fi access on the TU Berlin Campus and library access.

Terms and Conditions

Registration, Payment, Early-bird Discounts, Changes and Cancellation.

Registrations for Winter 2018 have now closed.

The program for Summer 2018 is online, and registrations are open.

Registration: Must be completed online via our registration portal. The registration fee of sixty Euros (€60,00) covers administration and registration costs, and is payable by credit card (visa, mastercard or Amex) at the time of registration. Please note that this fee is not refundable. The registration fee is deducted from the overall course fee. 

Payment: Candidate students will receive an invoice for the net fee four working days after they have successfully completed registration, once an evaluation of the documents they submitted and their accommodation requests has been processed. Participants must then pay the full fee quoted in the invoice within a maximum of 10 working days of receiving the invoice (or 7 working days, if the registration fee was not sucessfully paid during registration). Payment can be done via credit card or bank transfer.

A place in the TU Berlin Summer or Winter University can only be guaranteed if the full fee has been paid on time. Please note that some banks will charge transaction fees for payments that originate outside of the European Union and that credit cards my also charge an additional fee.

Cancellation: The cancellation of a paid course enrolment should be done either via email or regular post and should include a signature and date. The following cancellation fees apply:

-      Up to 10 weeks prior to the course start: 30% of the full price

-      10 to 4 weeks before the course start: 70% of the full price

-      Less than 4 weeks before the course start: 100% of the price.

Early-bird discount (Summer University 2018): Students who register before February 28th 2018 will receive an early bird discount of 50 Euro (€50,00) per course (with a maximum discount of 150 Euro (€150,00)).

Changes: Changing courses is only possible up to 10 weeks before the start of the Summer University. There is a fixed fee of 40 Euros (€40,00) for course changes. 

Personal information: All your personal information will be protected and will not be passed to third party entities. Personal information will only be used by the TU Berlin Summer & Winter University for statistics and records.

Program management: The TU Berlin Summer & Winter University reserves the right to cancel a course if the minimum of six participants per course is not achieved. If this is the case, the enrolled students will be notified and given the opportunity to either change course without additional cost, or to get a full reimbursement.

Registration Portal: TU Berlin Summer & Winter University will not be held liable for any technical errors in price calculations in the registration portal.

Prices for students already enrolled at the TU Berlin: 180€ for 4 weeks, 270€ for 6 weeks, 360€ for 8 weeks and 450€.

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