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UrbanRail – Research on innovative Urban Rail Transit Worldwide

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Chongqing Urban and Rural Construction Committee (China)


July 2018 - December 2020

Project Description

The aim of this project is to summarize and analyse the successful experiences of the urban rail transit system planning, construction and operation in European cities, especially the integration of different types of rail transit. The project will form a report with a series of recommendations with a strong focus and easy implementation of those systems. It will empower the development of Chongqing’s urban rail transit with a global vision, international standards and also in line with Chongqing’s characteristics. Focusing on the research theme of the integrated rail transit system, the project includes the following four research themes:

  • Research on the strategic fit of urban rail transit and a sustainable urban development pattern
  • Research on a fast and efficient transfer system of world rapid railway and urban rail transit
  • Research on ticketing system, fare adjustment mechanism and subsidy operation model of rapid railway and urban rail transit
  • Research on the application of the worldwide intelligence and green energy saving technologies of rapid urban rail transit


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