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ECMath Project A-CH10: Analysis and numerics of the chemical master equation

ECMath - Einstein Center for Mathematics Berlin 

This research is carried out in the framework of Matheon supported by Einstein Foundation Berlin.

Janina Örtel
06/2014 - 05/2017
The chemical master equation is a fundamental equation in chemical kinetics. It underlies the classical reaction-rate equations and takes the stochastic effects into account that cannot be neglected in the case of small population numbers.

There is an ongoing effort to tackle the chemical master equation numerically. The major challenge is its high dimensionality: for a system of d interacting species the chemical master equation is a differential equation with state space N0d, N0 the set of nonnegative integers.

The main goal of project A-CH10 is build a sound mathematical basis for the numerical approximation of the chemical master equation and to put numerical methods for this equation on a firm mathematical ground.
ECMath entry of the project
MATHEON entry of the project
L. Gauckler, H. Yserentant,
Regularity and approximability of the solutions to the chemical master equation,
ESAIM Math. Model. Numer. Anal. 48 (2014), 1757-1775.
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