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Training the mindSET: Training course 18-20 January 2021

Module: Research Ethics and Good Scientific Practice

18-20 January 2021
Trainers: Andrea Aliverti, Viola Schiaffonati, Siri Granum Carson

Modern research is affected by a number of ethical issues in many situations. This course will name the relevant situations, show how to identify ethical issues and provide the participants with assessment criteria, strategies and academic guidelines to overcome pitfalls that arise in academia.

I – Monday, January 18th, 9:30-12:45      Trainer: Viola Schiaffonati

The first part starts from a case study about responsibility in technological development and discusses how responsibility is a central concept in good scientific practice. The shift from passive responsibility to the novel notion of active responsibility is discussed. Case-studies are presented to evaluate the critical issues in active responsibility.

II – Monday, January 18th, 14:00-17:15   Trainer: Andrea Aliverti

The second part introduces good scientific practice and academic misconduct. It presents guidelines and conducts in ethics of research, such as informed consent and ethics commissions and committees, that are discussed with the use of examples and case studies.

III – Tuesday, January 19th, 9:30-11:00    Trainer: Andrea Aliverti

The third part introduces publication ethics by analyzing critical situations in everyday research and with the goal to avoid academic misconduct.

IV – Tuesday, January 19th, 11:15-12:45                 Trainer: Viola Schiaffonati

The fourth part discusses the major ethical frameworks. These ethical frameworks constitute the basis for introducing ethical reasoning and the most widespread fallacies in ethical reasoning, in general, and in scientific and technological reasoning, in particular.

Tuesday 19th afternoon: Students will work in groups of 2 to prepare a presentation reflecting on the ethical issues of their research to be presented in the morning of Wednesday, January 20th

V – Wednesday, January 20th, 9:30-11:00             Trainers: Andrea Aliverti, Viola Schiaffonati, Siri Granum Carson

Students will present in groups of 2.

VI – Wednesday, January 20th, 11:15-13:00          Trainer: Siri Granum Carson

The social responsibility of researchers and research institutions: Does your research activity lead to a better world, e.g. by contributing to reach the sustainable development goals set by the UN? Are individual researchers and/or research institutions bound by a social contract to contribute to the common good? These questions belong to what we might call ‘broad research ethics’.


We recommend to combine this module with the module Leadership & Management, 21-22 January 2021


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