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Training the mindSET: Training course 23+26+27 April 2021

Module: Communication and Presentation - in Business Settings

Trainers: Adrianna Jaskanis, Paolo Biscari


Purpose of the course: Developing and practicing the communication and presentation skills in business settings – presenting ideas, product/service/technological solutions in a comprehensible and attractive manner to different types of audience.

Specific objectives: Participants will be introduced to different communication and presentation techniques and will have the chance to learn and practice the use of: language of benefits, elevator pitch, pitch model canvas… We will also practice how to present online (vs. offline) and record presentations with Loom (Loom: Video Messaging for Work). In the end we will also learn how to provide constructive feedback.

This course will reveal to its participants how to deliver the message in specific circumstances to specific stakeholders or group of stakeholders.


1.     What do I suppose good communications and presentation skills are? What skillset do I need to become a good public speaker?

2.     Language of benefits – how to talk about the high-tech product, service or solution so anyone would understand its superiority?

3.     What do I do in the elevator with the critically important stakeholders? Elevator pitch

4.     Business model canvas: The pitch canvas

5.     Hearing out others presenting (Loom) and providing constructive feedback

Teaching methods: Mini lectures, group and individual tasks, discussions, presentations


Dates & Times:

Session 1: 23 April 2021 - Friday (10.00-15.00 CET)

Session 2: 26 April 2021 – Monday (12.00-15.30 CET)

Session 3: 27 April 2021 – Tuesday (12.00-15.30 CET)


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