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Couples & Co: 22 Stories of Spanish Architects

Date: Monday, February 1st, 2016, 13:00 - 21:00hrs
Location: TU main building, artrium


Although the 21st century is not yet 16 years old the short time may be divided into two equal periods of eight years and put into focus and identify the starting point of all changes of the structure, the strategies and the architectural production itself.

The original hypotheses presumed a first generation of architects over 50 years old who could face the new situation successfully by producing similar proposals abroad like those who succeeded already in Spain; a second generation of architects about 40 years old who created already some buildings and voluntarily - or not - resigned a continuation but managed to conquer new territories which have not necessary to do with the construction; and finally a third generation of architects younger than 40 years old who never built something and by being aware of the fact of the impossibility to build enthusiastically conquered other fields in which the borders of discipline are getting weak and thus suprising scenarios and possiblities emerge.

The exhibition offers a possible answer to these hypotheses and an approach to the future of Spanish architecture. But the different levels invite the beholder to differently interpret the events shortly before the economic and social breakdown at the end of the first decade of the century and consequently offer radical stories with more engagement and beauty from new perspectives.

Curators: Beatriz Villanueva, Francisco Casas, Teresa Sánchez de Lerín.


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