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Oxford-Berlin Partnership

The University of Oxford and four Berlin institutes, the Freie Universität Berlin, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin and the university hospital Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, signed a joint memorandum of understanding in December 2017 concerning the establishment of a far-reaching collaboration.

This partnership will build on the diverse existing research relations between the five institutes and create the necessary environment for new joint projects in the areas of medicine, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. The memorandum of understanding will offer scientists and researchers from the partner universities the possibility to initiate new scientific cooperations in Oxford or Berlin. In the long term, it is also intended to establish reciprocal visiting arrangements for scientists, students and academic staff.

The partnership is currently in the development phase. To facilitate the process, a structure has been established with representatives from all of the organizations involved:    

Oversight Committee – responsible for the structural development of the collaboration (contact person TU Berlin: Vice President Prof. Dr. Angela Ittel)

Academic Committee – responsible for the contentual aspects of the partnership (contact person TU Berlin: Prof. Dr. Oliver Brock)

Operational Committee – responsible for the organizational and implementational aspects of the partnership (contact person TU Berlin: Dr. Ulrike Hillemann-Delaney)

From January until March, the first workshops are to be held for the above-mentioned scientific and academic areas. These workshops will contribute to the shaping of the format of the partnership, and provide an opportunity to exchange ideas concerning possible future funding options. Scientists and academics with many years‘ experience of active collaboration with colleagues in Oxford have been approached for these exploratory talks.

If you have actively worked with colleagues in Oxford, or are currently in the process of developing a collaborative process, and have not yet contacted us, we would be delighted to hear from you. 


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