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Extension of the strategic partnership between Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and Technische Universität Berlin


The extension of the strategic partnership agreement between the two universities was signed by the rector of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Professor Andrei Rudskoi, and Professor Christian Thomsen, president of TU Berlin, as part of the strategic partnership forum held at TU Berlin on 7 February. The agreement was initiated in 2013 and has now been extended for a further five years. By signing the extension both universities reaffirm their commitment to further developing this very successful cooperation, which embraces both a joint master’s degree in entrepreneurship, a student exchange program, a doctoral agreement and collaboration in the World Cities World Class University Network (WC2).

Rector Andrei Rudskoi said that the basis for the cooperation between the two universities was laid during his visit in 2015. He added that Technische Universität Berlin is one of the Polytechnic University’s closest cooperation partners. 

A selection of research projects conducted by scholars from SPbPU and TU Berlin in the areas of space technology, fluid mechanics, entrepreneurship and modern languages presented during the forum reveal the diverse nature of this strategic partnership.

“The interdisciplinary set up of the two institutes means that we work very well together in interdisciplinary fields. We are working closely to advance projects in the area of climate change and digitalization and our Russian partner possesses outstanding technological competence in these fields,” said President Thomsen. 

The next five years will make a decisive contribution to cementing our partnership, continuing our successful cooperation and strengthening the ties between Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University and Technische Universität Berlin.


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