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Before Departure

Before you leave Germany, we kindly ask you to take care of the following formalities: 

  1. De-registration at the registration office. This should be done at the latest one week  before your departure. The de-registration is especially important in case you want to register for a new residence in Germany again at a later date. If you have not de-registered yourself the first time, you might get fined.
  2. Cancellation of your bank account.
  3. Cancellation of electricity, water, gas, telephone, broadcasting fees and Internet. Some of these things might be handled automatically by your residential home / guest house. Please check on that.
  4. Return of institute keys.
  5. Return of your university dining card, the library card, books, etc. 
  6. De-registration of your children from kindergarten or school.
  7. Payout of your rental deposit.
  8. Application for a forwarding request at the Deutsche Post.
  9. Become an alumni of the TU Berlin: Alumni Program.


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