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Employment contract

Your employment contract has to be signed before your official start of work. Before the beginning of your employment, your institute and the personnel department will let you know in time which forms and documents are required. More information about the personnel department can be found here.

Tax identification number

If you are employed at the TU Berlin, the staff will need your date of birth and your tax identification number (IdNr.). You will get the tax identification number when you sign up at the Residents' Registration Office.

More information about working and taxes can be found on the Euraxess website.

Tax and social security

If you have concluded a contract of employment in Germany with a university or research institution, you must generally pay taxes and the statutory social security contributions. The contribu­tions are shared between the employer and the employee. They are automatically deducted from your salary by the employer and paid into the insurance fund. As a fellowship holder you are generally exempt from social security contributions.

You can find more information on German social insurance here.


The German pension system is based on three pillars: statutory pension, occupational pension and private pension savings. Employees in the public sector are compulsorily insured in the "Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder" (Pension Institution of the Federal Republic and the Federal States). VBL provides public-sector occupational pensions. Exceptions are allowed in certain conditions for temporary scientific employees (VBL extra).

The service department for personnel offers information brochures on the different VBL insurance types.

For more information on pension providers and systems in Germany as well as in Europe, please visit the FindyourPension platform.

What does a scientist earn in Germany?

Information concerning the application of collective labour agreements can be found here:  




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