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Emergencies and ill Health

Emergency Numbers

Ambulance and fire department: ph.: 112
Police: ph.: 110


In Germany, it is quite common to go to a general practitioner called "Praktischer Arzt" or "Allgemeinmediziner" as a first choice. If needed, he will then give a referral to see a specialist.

This database will help you find doctors by profession ("Fachrichtung"), area ("Stadtbezirk") or zipcode ("Postleitzahl") and language ("Sprache").

Emergency Medical Service

In case you get ill and you need to see a doctor at night, on the weekend or on a public holiday, please find the phone numbers of the emergency medical services  here.


A list with all pharmacies in Berlin can be found on the official website of German pharmacies. (The service is only available in German. Either you type "Berlin" or, to be more precise, your zipcode in the search bar.)

After-hours Pharmacy Service

In case you will need urgent medicine outside the opening hours, please check the after-hours pharmacy service. In every district you will find an after-hours pharmacy service (called "Nachtapotheke"). To find out the next after-hours pharmacy service, please check the display window of a pharmacy. There you will find a black board with the address of the after-hours pharmacy service on duty. For further information please check here. Please note that if you need a prescription drug, you must consult a doctor.


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