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Public Transport

Berlin has a sophisticated public transport system. Buses, subways, urban railways and trams will bring you at almost every time to every place in Berlin. Details of how to get from A to B and how long it will take, can be found on the homepage of the BVG or the S-Bahn. Please find a network map here.

Deutsche Bahn

The Deutsche Bahn connects all the big cities and most of the smaller cities in Germany. You can buy tickets on the internet, in the train station at the ticket machine or at the ticket office. If you are in a hurry, you will also be able to buy your ticket in long-distance trains from the ticket collector, but this option is more expensive. Please keep in mind: Before using the local trains or the public transport, please buy a ticket first and stamp it.

More information about Deutsche Bahn can be found here.


Meanwhile, there are plenty of buses that connect Berlin with selected cities and countries. Please find bus services within Europe here.


Please find the phone numbers of the biggest taxi companies in Berlin here.


Berlin is a fairly bike-friendly city. There are plenty of options in entire Berlin to rent a bike, e.g. near the TUB Uni-Rad or Fat Tire Bike Rentals.
If you are a newcomer or feel insecure on the bike, the Radfahrschule offers lessons for grown ups, also in English.
If you are planning to stay for longer in Berlin, it might be worth to buy a bike. Many bike shops also offer used bikes for sale.


If you are traveling with your own car, please note that there is an environmental zone in the central areas of Berlin. In this environmental zone only cars with a vehicle sticker are allowed to drive. The environmental zone sticker can be ordered online for cars registered in Berlin or another German registration-office, even for every foreign vehicle. 
Parking spaces can be found in limited numbers around the institutes of the TU Berlin. Parking on the street is partly chargeable.


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