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Extrusion Research and Development Center (FZS)

Today's big commercial relevance of the extrusion process in various areas such as medical technology, microsystems technology, measurement and control technology, electrical engineering and automotive technology as well as the construction area was not least caused by the technical developments of the last years in the areas of machine and plant engineering, process and control technology, tool steel development, tool layout and manufacturing as well as fundamental investigations for the determination of the necessary power and work demand.

Hence, the work of the Extrusion Research and Development Center (FZS) of the Technische Universität Berlin focuses on the one hand on the continuous development of the extrusion process as well as the tools and machines necessary for the extrusion On the other hand the investigations of the Extrusion Research and Development Center serve the development of new materials and alloys which are deformed by the extrusion.

With the available equipment of the Extrusion Research and Development Center solid and hollow profiles of light and heavy metal alloys can be produced by means of

  • direct,
  • indirect
  • hydrostatic extrusion.

Besides the real extrusion, simulations of extrusions can be performed. As common in industrial production, simulations will be performed before the actual extrusion process for example to determine different tool layouts in respect of their influence on the extrusion process before the first actual trials and thereby reducing the development costs.

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