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Service of the different working groups

Extrusion Research and Development Center

Extrusion tests, long term research and development contracts as well as consulting regarding material development and extrusion processing is offered by the extrusion research and development center.


Mechanical Testing

Tension and compression tests in the temperature range between room temperature and 1700°C. Creep and relaxation tests, maximum temperature: 1100°C.


X-ray Difraction

Long term research as well as development contracts and consulting concerning phase analyses (e.g. retained austenite analyses, residual stress and texture analyses), process optimisation, quality assurance.


Corrosion and Wear tests, Surface Analyses

Determination of current-density-potential curves, stress corrosion tests, near-surface chemical analyses by SIMS, XPS and AES. 


Electron Microskopy

Service in the sense of a user defined commission, performed by operators with fixed costs is supplied  by the central electron microscopy laboratory ZELMI of the TU-Berlin (phone: 314-23484). More extensive electron microscopy research is possible in our laboratory. For founding, it needs the initiation of a project, covering cost for man power and material. Training of project co works takes places in lectures and courses, performed by Dr. T. Link. Assistance for planning and caper vision of projects is part of our work.

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