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PhDs and postdoctoral studies

PhDs and postdoctoral studies are a fundamental component of the research activities at Faculty III. A PhD is awarded by the university within the framework of an assessment procedure, which is regulated at the TU Berlin by a PhD regulation that is applied to all faculties. The postdoctoral qualification serves as proof of one’s ability and competence to independently carry forward a scientific subject through research and teaching. The postdoctoral qualification is regulated by postdoctoral qualification regulations at the TU Berlin.

This scientific research done at Faculty III makes an important contribution to the transfer and application of the latest scientific knowledge into practice, and it initiates innovative technical and social developments. These are often developed in cooperation with companies or other external partners.

With over 80 successfully completed PhDs and postdoctoral degrees per year, Faculty III is a major contributor to research at the TU Berlin.

For all questions pertaining to PhDs and postdoctoral studies at Faculty III, please contact the responsible person at the Faculty Service Center (FSC). On the right of this page, you will find an overview of the dates of the scientific debates that will take place at Faculty III in the near future. If you are interested, you are cordially invited to particpate in the events. An overview of the dates of theses defenses can be found under “Latest news”.

In the “Download ” area of PhD and postdoctoral regulations section, you will find TU Berlin’s current and former PhD and postdoctoral regulations, as well as templates for the declaration of intent for a PhD and the application form for a PhD at Faculty III.



Dear PhD-students,

because of the actual situation around the Corona virus please ask your questions via eMail and send your documents first via eMail and later via snail mail. Office hours are not often possible at the moment.

Please note that there are new regulations since 17 January 2022. Please use the new forms from this website.

Vielen Dank/Thank you very much.

* You can find important information about the defenses during the Corona-situation here.

Downloads regulations



Application as a doctoral candidate


Application to commence the doctoral procedure

  • Application to commence the doctoral procedure at Faculty III
  • declaration of independence (pdf, word)
  • checklist for the application to commence the doctoral procedure



  • Checkliste Habilitation

Further information

Further information
Further information regarding doctoral research at the TU Berlin including contact points, possibilities of financial support and transferable skills courses is available from the Center for Junior Scholars (CJS). Just get in touch or stop by if you have any further questions.


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