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HotFlAd: Waste heat utilisation of Mini Data Centers with Hot-Fluid-Adsorption-System

The overall objective of this project is to demonstrate an innovative almost climate neutral cooling concept based on the waste heat utilization of IT equipment in buildings, combining holistic water-cooled server with adsorption cooling technology. The combination of waste heat and adsorption cooling opens up the possibility to use the dissipated heat from the server to cool other active, air-cooled IT equipment within the data center. Also, a high temperature level of the waste heat enables the direct use for conventional heating.

The project aims to demonstrate a new cooling system with an increase in energy efficiency of at least 300% compared to conventional data centers with compression refrigeration systems. The first proof of concept phase will be conducted at the Research and Test Data Center of the Hermann-Rietschel-Institut, which is comparable to a small Edge Data Center. After the demonstration of a functional and reliable system integration, a second system will be installed at the Noris Networks AG‘s Data Center for field testing. Both systems will further be monitored, evaluated and optimized for maximum efficiency. The results will be transferred and evaluated for two different applications: Non-residential buildings with a server room and Mini Data Centers as Edge Data Center solutions.

Project term: 01/2019 – 12/2021; Funding: BMWi Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie.

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