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Resource efficiency for processes and products

Faculty III Process Sciences program offers a unique education and research program in the field of process-oriented scientific disciplines. It is recognized nationally and internationally for its exceptional and unparalleled learning opportunities, providing the rare advantage of a uniquely close collaboration between the natural sciences and engineering.


All research and teaching in our faculty primarily focuses on the processes and process chains that are involved in the transformation of materials and energy through physical, chemical and biological reactions. This area of research has many fields of application in today’s world, including in production and waste facilities for chemical goods, raw materials, biotechnological products, energy storage devices, food and feed, ecological materials or even consumer goods, as well as in energy transformation facilities.

To this end, the natural sciences component of our faculty focuses on the analytical, chemical and biological aspects of processes, while the engineering disciplines provide expertise in energy and process engineering, and in materials science. This is possible in our faculty because of the close collaboration between these two disciplines, which are usually taught separately and rarely overlap in universities. As a result, our faculty offers a nationally and internationally recognized unique combination of teaching and research in the field of process sciences.

Doing research at the cutting edge of these scientific disciplines requires a comprehensive and sustainable approach, which is exactly how we operate. We create the ideal environment within our faculty for natural sciences and engineering to interact and work together. “Resource efficiency for processes and products” is our key focus, and as such, we bring together scientists from the fields of biotechnology, food chemistry and technology, energy and process engineering, environmental science and technology and materials science.

The faculty is strongly involved in shaping TU Berlin through the research priorities agreed by the Academic Board in 2012.

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The faculty offers a range of courses for those interested in doing research on process sciences. The Bachelor’s program covers a broad yet subject-oriented range of courses, which are taught methodically to cover all the basics in the fields of natural sciences and engineering. The Master’s program offers an even more diverse, research-oriented and deeper level of learning.

We train our students to become highly qualified process engineers who are able to take on management positions in industry, business, research and engineering companies. Not only do we transfer knowledge on all the latest technologies and research at the cutting edge of these scientific disciplines, but we also encourage our students to broaden their own skills in developing strategies for the comprehensive planning and design of innovative processes and products, in addition to carrying out fundamental research.

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