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The library holdings are integrated into the TU-Online catalogue and accessible via its search function.


The library is open to all interested academic users. At its core is a collection of 3,500 volumes, including anti-Semitic writings from the 17th to 20th century, as well as classic texts in antisemitism research. It reflects the spectrum of political, religious, cultural and racial antisemitism, especially in Germany, Austria and France.


A second collection of approximately 750 volumes comes from an institute that was dissolved in 1947: the “Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics” in Berlin-Dahlem. With its texts on genetics, anthropology, ethnology and racial science, medicine (particularly genetic pathology, family, social and racial hygiene), this stock has substantially supplemented the ZfA collection in the area of “racism.” Currently, the library contains approximately 40,000 volumes and numerous other media such as posters, pamphlets and broadsheets. The library subscribes to about 180 periodicals.


Thematic priorities and current subjects


1. Sources and documentation on the origins, intellectual foundations and historical manifestations of antisemitism (with an emphasis on the modern period since 1879). Existing sources primarily document the development of anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries, before the emergence of the anti-Semitic movement, continuing up to the National Socialist persecution of Jews and the Holocaust and beyond, to new, current forms of antisemitism (such as revisionism, anti-Zionism).

2. Sources and documentation on the history of relations between Jews and non-Jews in individual countries (worldwide, primarily in Europe) since the end of the 18th century. Another area that is well represented, likewise through a plethora of printed literature, is German-speaking Jewry from the Emancipation to today. The library possesses a selection of Jewish daily newspapers, communal newsletter and academic and cultural-political magazines, and systematically collects new publications on regional and local history. Biographies of Jews who endured persecution in the 20th century (emigration, Holocaust, displaced persons) are equally represented with documentation of the effects of the Holocaust (psychological sequelae of victims, attempts to process the Holocaust in culture).

Research literature from various disciplines on the analysis of social, social-psychological and individual psychological backgrounds of antisemitism and other closely related, historically often concurrent phenomena, such as xenophobia, minority conflicts, etc. Standard works on the following relevant research areas are available: studies on prejudice, aggression, authoritarianism, fascism, nationalism, racism, migration, minorities, imperialism and genocide.

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