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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about the Technische Universität Berlin?

The TU Berlin not only provides courses in technology, engineering and the natural sciences, as you might expect from the name. It is also possible to study subjects in the humanities, social sciences, culture and technology as well as economics. With almost 34,000 students, the TU Berlin is one of the largest technical universities in Germany. And it also has a high proportion of foreign students, with 19 % in the wintersemester 2015 - that is some 6,669 students.

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How large is the TU Berlin?

The TU Berlin is spread over various locations in the city, which amount to a total area of some 604,000 sq.m. The seven faculties have some 33,933 students enrolled in more than 90 courses (December 2015). There are 8,296 people working at the university: e.g. 338 professors, 2,598 postgraduate researchers, and 2,131 personnel working in the administration, the workshops, and the central facilities. In addition there are 2,651 student assistants and 126 trainees. (March 2016)

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What can you study at the TU Berlin?

The TU Berlin offers a broad spectrum of more than 90 courses, with the emphasis on the natural sciences and engineering. A list of courses is provided by the General Counselling Office (only in German).

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I would like to study at the TU Berlin. What should I do?

German applicants should contact the General Counselling Office. Foreign students should consult our information on applications for bachelor studies or master studies at the TU Berlin.

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I am looking for someone who studies/works at the TU Berlin. How can I find them?

For people working at the university look in Search for people and institutions of the University Directory or in the Register of lectures. There is no general list of students, unfortunately. Some of the faculties have their own lists of e-mail addresses and home pages. For alumni contact the National alumni program or the International Network.

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When was the TU Berlin established?

The TU Berlin was established under its present name in 1946. But its history reaches back much further into the past, to institutions such as the Mining Academy, Building Academy and the Vocational Academy, established in 1770, 1799 and 1821 respectively. In 1879, the latter two united to form the Royal Technical College, and were joined later by the Mining Academy. In 1946 the former Technical College Berlin-Charlottenburg in the British Military Sector of Berlin was re-established as the Technische Universität Berlin. For more details of the historical background see "History/Anniversaries".

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How much does the TU Berlin cost to run?

In 2003 the TU Berlin received Euro 285.7 m state funding, in 2016 Euro 310 m. External research funding acquired by TU scientists amounted to Euro 178,9 m in 2014.

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