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Networking with alumni and friends of the university – maintaining lifelong contacts

Maintaining ongoing relationships with its alumni is a strategic goal of our university. Our graduates continue to be an invaluable asset for the university. Through their activities in a host of areas related to research and business, they creatively expand on the knowledge they gained during their studies, whether now as CEOs or politicians, whether in Hamburg or Istanbul. For years, the university has succeeded in creating and maintaining a multifaceted network with its alumni. Not only does this allow the TU Berlin to maintain contact with its graduates, but it also gives alumni the opportunity to get actively involved in their alma mater.

Valuable ambassadors for our university

For our graduates residing in Germany, the TU Berlin’s National Alumni Program has been serving as a door-opener since 1999. Nearly 16,000 alumni maintain contact with the university where they studied or worked. These alumni remain an integral part of profile-building measures of university, for example by helping to evaluate teaching and course issues, in identifying new concepts to promote professional training measures and in empirical studies that track the careers of our graduates. Alumni contacts are of great importance to the university in terms of fundraising measures, which in turn helps to strengthen the university’s scarce financial resources and to facilitate scientific and business partnerships among the alumni themselves. In the context of the “TU Start-up Initiative”, the university is happy to invite TU graduates to come in and share their experience with others, so that we can further increase the number of start-ups originating from our university.

New hub for world-wide networking

Since 1979, our international graduates have access to extensive professional networking provided by our International Alumni Program. International students and alumni receive support in their efforts to find entry level jobs and career advice in the form of special training courses, continuing education and in mediating cooperation opportunities. Another important task is to promote scientific and business cooperation between the TU-Alumni and its German and international partners. Intercultural dialogue plays an important role here and has helped the university to earn considerable international recognition. Our network of international alumni currently has around 3,200 members in 120 countries. Our training and continuing education schemes also receive public funding support. In addition, the alumni program also promotes and looks after foreign alumni who want to establish their own TU graduate associations. A network comprising 800 people in 11 associations is already functional, in places ranging from Ecuador to Korea and to Thailand.

Tradition with a future – Society of Friends of the TU Berlin

Where would any university be without good friends? Since 1922, members of the “Society of Friends of the TU Berlin” (Gesellschaft von Freunden der TU Berlin e. V.) have been providing continued support to our university. Students, graduates and teachers, industrial and business firms, as well as personalities from all walks of professional life are involved in providing donations, prize money, initiating and supporting university projects and serving as advisors and facilitators in the public sphere.

Ensuring support to promising young scientists is one of our most important areas of focus. We have a long history of awarding prizes for exceptional dissertations or doctoral theses. A number of companies often sponsor such awards as well.
Further support schemes serve to promote student research and development projects. In addition, promising young scientists have the opportunity to participate in international conferences.

The Society of the Friends of the TU Berlin has a long history of supporting dialogue between science and industry, between the university and the general public and between theory and practice in the form of projects and an important lecture series that feature well-known scientists and public figures.

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Society of Friends of the TUB

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