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Actors and contact persons

At TU Berlin we consider equality as a key management task of the Executive Committee. Thus the Vice President for Strategic Development, Junior Scholars, and Teacher Education is responsible for the ressort "Equality and Diversity". According to a horizontal control logic equality is also regarded as a cross-sector task which is why the aims and strategies of numerous actors and organizational units are implemented on a central and decentralized level. To be always up-to-date we regularly gain new research-based impulses by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Women and Gender Research (ZIFG).

Main Women's Representative

The Main Women's Representatives and their deputies are central actors for the implementation of our equal opportunities policies at TU Berlin. Her job profile is predefined by the statutory order of the Higher Educational Law of Berlin: following this, she is the elected representative for all the female members of every status group. She works for the removal of all disadvantages for women that exist at our university. She advices the adminstration and all committees, and works as an initiator in several departments of university management. All her efforts, like her participation in diverse processes and her cooperation with other actors at TU Berlin, are targeted on the development of gender equality at our university.

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At TU Berlin the administrative department "Gleichstellungscontrolling" is responsible for the development,  specification and controlling of our equal opportunities concept. Therefore the department designs planning- and controll-systems for Data- and indication-system existing within the university and develops TU Berlin towards an organization that stands for gender-equality. Within the scope of these tasks the department advises the executive committe regarding the expression and design of the equal opportunities strategy and undertakes the conceptional implementation.

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Platform for the implementationi of Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality.

In October 2010 the Platform for the Implementation of Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality (Plattform für die Umsetzung der Forschungsorientierten Gleichstellungsstandards - PUG) has been constituted as a committe with consultative function. It supports the implementation of the research oriented standards on gender equality. Due to setting up the PUG equality, a cross-sector task at TU Berlin, has been strengthened. Six years later, in 2016, the mission of PUG has been extended: It supports now also the executive committe of TU BErlin as an advisory board to develop the excellence strategy for gender equality.

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Extra-professional Women's Representatives of the faculties and central facilities

Local women's representatives and their deputies are colleagues working extra-professional at every faculty and facility of TU Berlin. They act as first contact persons in the faculties or central facilities for all female employees and students. The local women's representatives are mainly released to keep up with their duties and tasks. They also form a network of actors (committe of women's representatives), that represents the interests of women at TU Berlin and accompanies and supports the university complying legal regulations. They also design the essential at the faculties and central facilities, as well as in library and administration, to grant women the same chances and career opportunities men have.

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Advisory committees of women's representatives

The committees elect the deputies on central and decentral levels. Furthermore they support the elected women's representatives as a consulting and advisory organ. Every status group of university is represented equally in these committees. They are elected every two years by the female members of TU Berlin.

The committe of women's representatives  is in regular contact with the presidium of TU Berlin.

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Family Service Office

The Family Service Office is the central service-oriented contact at TU Berlin concerning the issue "Reconciliation of job/studies and family". It offers professional counseling for all status groups, it conceives, develops and organizes demand-oriented family-supporting offers, and controls and organizes public relations work round off the topic "reconciliation". The Family Service Office is furthermore liable for the coordination of "family-friendly university audit" and participates at the development of implementation strategies which are thought to promote the topic "reconciliation" at TU Berlin.

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Dual Career Service

For working couples, especially for working parents, a change of resident and workplace is always challenging. Since 2012 newly appointed professors, as well as managers in administration and their partners, have the opportunity to contact the Dual Career Service (DCS) in case of questions concerning the new job at TU Berlin and the relocation to Berlin. The DCS mainly counsels the partners who have to change their professional orientation: as TUB maintains various contacts to potential employers the DCS uses them to provide employments. The DCS also informs about how to search for an apartment in Berlin, about childcare, the school system and life in Berlin. It supports realization of individual lifestyles and the relamation of top-professional of top-professionals for science and administration.

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Doctoral and postdoctoral Service

The doctoral and postdoctoral Service TU-DOC works on the improvement of framework conditions for junior researchers and on the linkage of all doctoral programs at TU Berlin. It informs about written-out scholarships, prices and other funding opportunities, organizes regular intercultural events and courses and gives advises in case of upcoming conflicts. TU-DOC helps everybody who wants to do doctoral studies, as well as it supports PhD students and PostDocs to advance their scientific career.

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School Office

The School Office at TU Berlin has been established in 2010 within the General Student Counseling, following an initiate of the presidium. Its explicit aim is to win young girls for study programs like computer sciences and engineering by events like Girl's Days. As around 10.000 male and female pupils use TU Berlin as an extracurriculare place of learning, the School Office bundles, connects and communicates the offers on their website for this special target group. Furthermore it maintains the TU project-network, as well as the network of TU-partnerschools and represents our university in several associations, for example at MINT-EC and "LernortLabor".

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Staff Council and Student Staff Council

The Staff Council advocates the interests of employees and officials of TU Berlin. One of its tasks is to monitor and ensure equal opportunities for women and men. It is always adressable in case of questions about equality and represents the interests of women. The interests of TU Berlin's student employees are also represented by an own Stuff Council (PRSB).

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AStA Women and Queer Department

The department for women is an autonomous department of the General Student's Committee at TU Berlin. It stands up for the support and equal treatment of women regardless of cultural background or sexual identity. The department sees itself as a contact point for female students who are affected by any type of discrimination.  The AStA Women Department is also a place for female students who want to commit themselves to feministic issues and exchange ones view about the topic, as well as for those who have questions about girls stuff.

The Queer Department would like to be a contact and networking place for those who don't find themselves in (hetero)sexual norms and who don't identify themselves with a world where just two sexes (man und woman) exist, that attract each other.

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Psychological and Social Counseling

The psychological counseling at TU Berlin helps students in case of personal pressure and crisis, as well as in case of all questions or problems that could affect their studies.

The social counselling adresses their offers within the university to all employees, supervisors and managers, departments, teamd and working groups, who need to discuss load situations and problems at work individually and confidential.

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