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Strategic Controlling Equality, Diversity and Internationalization

Strategic Controlling, as the presidential staff unit, supports the university management in the steering and strategic development of the university. The Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Internationalization Group is responsible for the further development of strategy and controlling in these areas, especially with regard to design and control instruments as well as internal data and performance measurement systems. Within the framework of these tasks, the group advises the Presidential Board on the formulation and design of the university's development strategies in these areas.


Proportions of women and goals at the different career levels

  • TU Berlin (gesamt) [1]
  • Fakultät I - Geistes- und Bildungswissenschaften [2]
  • Fakultät II - Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften [3]
  • Fakultät III - Prozesswissenschaften [4]
  • Fakultät IV - Elektrotechnik und Informatik [5]
  • Fakultät V - Verkehrs- und Maschinensysteme [6]
  • Fakultät VI - Planen Bauen Umwelt [7]
  • Fakultät VII - Wirtschaft und Management [8]

Participation in committees and assumption of management positions

  • auf zentraler Ebene [9]
  • auf dezentraler Ebene [10]

Target figures on the proportion of women

  • Zielzahlen im Rahmen der Frauenförderpläne 2016-2021 [11]
  • Berechnungsmodell zur Festlegung von Zielzahlen an der TU Berlin [12]

Here you will find further information on measures and instruments [13] as well as other actors [14] in the field of equality.


In December 2019, the TU Berlin unanimously adopted the Diversity Strategy - Equal Opportunities at the TU Berlin [15] in the Academic Senate, thus giving the starting signal for a systematic integration of diversity, equal opportunities and freedom from discrimination in all fields of action of the university, the so-called diversity mainstreaming.

Diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination are thus systematically integrated into the steering mechanisms, regulations and (university-wide) strategy processes as principles guiding action.

More detailed information on the TU Berlin's diversity strategy can be found here [16].




Here you will find basic information on the international profile [17] and internationalization [18] of the TU Berlin. The Department of International Affairs [19] is the central contact for all international matters.

Our Team

Lena Saenger_Consultant Diversity
Lupe [20]
Dr. Melanie Hack_Director
Lupe [21]

We support the systematic implementation of university goals through the following instruments in the three fields of action:

  •     (Further) development of controlling concepts and regular preparation and analysis of topic-specific data
  •     Integration of the relevant aspects into internal planning and control processes and quality management
  •     (Further) development of strategies in the fields of action and monitoring of implementation
  •     Advising the university on management and space
  •     Close cooperation with the university's internal actors and stakeholders
  •     Planning, partial implementation and evaluation of (individual) measures


Dr. Melanie Hack
due to Covid-19 only mail
Main Building
Room Room H1556
e-mail query [22]

Lena Saenger
due to Covid-19 only mail
Main Building
Room H 1057
e-mail query [23]

Jana Huber
due to Covid-19 only mail
Main Building
Room H 1057
e-mail query [24]

Active in Networks

  • Working Group Diversity [25]
  • Equality Controlling at Universites [26]

Diversity & equal opportunities at the TU Berlin


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