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Dieses Bild zeigt die Vizepräsidentin für Strategische Entwicklung, Nachwuchs und Lehrkräftebildung Dr. Angela Ittel.

This picture shows the vicepresident for strategic development, junnior scholars and teacher education Dr. Angela Ittel.

Dear Colleagues and Students,

Technische Universität Berlin is highly aware of the value of a diverse international campus experience for students and staff in all areas of the University. TU Berlin has not only committed itself officially to support and cultivate positive conditions for diversity by signing the German Diversity Charta “Charta der Vielfalt”; the University also sees itself as obliged internally to uphold these principles by enacting a strategy for diversity and developing diversity-related actions.

TU Berlin is one of the most attractive universities for international students and guest scientists. In 2015, students from 135 countries (20% of all students) were enrolled and more than 900 international scientists were actively teaching or researching at TU. Also in regard to other dimensions such as age or social background TU Berlin can be characterized as diverse.

Acknowledging and valuing the fact of a diverse and international framework at home is one of the guiding principles of our University. Accordingly, the TUB mission statement calls upon its members to actively engage "in promoting equality between women and men and in creating family-friendly study and working conditions". The vision encourages us to "strive to ensure equal opportunity and non-discrimination at all levels of the university organization". In our teaching and research, members are expected to "explicitly embrace the plurality of world views and diverse ways of life".

Nevertheless, the interaction among people with different cultural, political and/ or language backgrounds can create space in which not only language differences, but also diverging perspectives create barriers to communication and may even lead to conflicts.

That's why we at TU Berlin are interested to hear about your experiences.

We'd like to know to what extent you have had negative experiences in dealing with diversity at our University, be it that you yourself experienced discrimination or that you witnessed others being discriminated against. We'd also like to hear to what extent you used existing services or other forms of support offered at TU Berlin and which services that are not currently available at the University would have helped you best in this situation. Equally valuable for our strategy development process is any feedback you might have regarding positive experiences in dealing with diversity. Perhaps there were instances in which you experienced a good level of support or you were perhaps in situations in which the principles of equal opportunity and inclusiveness were clearly evident for you and diversity was considered normal.

We're asking for your input in order to learn from your experiences, since our focus is to promote the best conditions for creating a daily working atmosphere at TU Berlin that is characterized by equality and equal opportunity. Therefore we invite you to share your experiences, suggestions, and ideas with us via the following online form.

Please be aware that the feedback process using this online form is anonymous.

We're happy to help with any questions you might have - all conversations are confidential. Please feel free to contact Charlotte Reinisch (,Tel: +49 30 314 24886) or Isabel Teusch (, Tel. +49 30 314 25653).


Prof. Dr. Angela Ittel

Vice President for Strategic Development, Junior Scholars, and Teacher Education

Your story and ideas for engaging diversity and achieving equality at TU Berlin

TU Berlin is currently developing a Strategy for Diversity and Equality.

Diversity is a multi-faceted concept. For TU Berlin, diversity defines the act of taking both similarities and differences into account. Diversity describes what is normal, rather than what deviates from the norm: that means the diversity of TU members in terms of age, disability and chronic illness, race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual identity and expression, as well as worldview.

Engaging diversity at TU Berlin means to appreciate and respect heterogeneity, to provide for equal opportunities, and to eliminate discrimination. In our strategy development process, we’re seeking broad participation by all to give input and help shape our University.

Help us to develop the Strategy for Diversity and Equality by answering the following questions.

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