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#DiversityTUBerlin Photo Competition (14.5.2018 – 10.6.2018)

Das Bild zeigt eine Hand, die gerade mit dem Handy ein Foto aufnimmt.  Motiv des Fotos ist die andere buntlackierte Hand vor dem Hintergrund einer alten Runie an der TU Berlin. Das Motiv ist auf dem Handydisplay und im Hintergrund zu sehen. 

The picture shows a hand taking a picture with a mobile phone. The photomotiv is the second hand, which nails are coloured variedly. It can be seen on the screen and in the background hold up infront of a ruin on the campus of TU Berlin.

The winners are selected

Diversity refers to our students and staff but also the diverse nature of our work, our procedures and ultimately our ideas and experience. For TU Berlin diversity means a conscious and resourceoriented approach to the multifarious nature of our university. Our objective is a respectful and appreciative approach to diversity, as well as ensuring equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination in all aspects of life at TU Berlin.

In the context of the fotocontest #DiversityTUBerlin, we asked you: What does diversity at TU Berlin mean for you?

We received many creative submissions of TU Berlin students and employees. You can find some selected contributions, as well as the winning pictures, published on this website or on Instagram with #DiversityTUBerlin. The official award ceremony took place on the 21st of June 2018 at the annual summerparty of TU Berlin.

Take part?!

  • Take a picture that for you represents diversity at TU Berlin and complete the sentence "Diversity at TU Berlin for me is..." using either a sign held up for the photo, an accompanying text or hashtags  you are free to choose the location and theme of your image.
  • Post your image on Instagram by 10.06.2018 using the hashtag #DiversityTUBerlin and a brief text and tag the image with TU Berlin (@tu_berlin).
  • Alternatively you can send the picture to the following email address:
  • The competition is divided into two separate categories. Please make it absolutely clear which category you are entering. You can do this using hashtags - #TUB_Students or #TUB_staff. TU Berlin staff, including students employed as staff, may only take part in the staff category.

… and win!

  • The most beautiful and creative photos in each category will be chosen by our jury. The winning images will be shown on our web pages, our social media pages as well as in an exhibition.
  • In the student category prizes will be awarded to the three best photos. The prizes are:

  • In the staff category a prize is awarded to the best photo. The winner will be given a private tour of  artworks on the TU Berlin campus. You can also choose another person from your chair or department to accompany you on the tour. Don't forget your camera!

Please note

  • You have to be the copyright owner of the photo you wish to submit.
  • Your photo must be free of third-party rights and rights of publicity may not be infringed when others are depicted in the photo.
  • If one or more than one person is identifiable in a photo, their agreement is required that the picture may be published.
  • An image may be edited using photography software.
  • Participants grant TU Berlin the right to make use of and publish the photos submitted to the competition as per the terms of a Creative Commons – Attribution license 4.0 (CC BY 4.0).

Conditions of participation

1. Organizer of the photo competition

Technische Universität Berlin

TU Berlin – Office for Press, Public Relations and Alumni

Straße des 17. Juni 135

10623 Berlin

2. Time frame of the photo competition

Participation in the photo competition is possible from 14 May 2018, 9:00 until 10 June 2018, 23:59.

3. Stages of the photo competition

1. Photos to be submitted by 10 June 2018, see 5 for submission options.

2. Winning photos selected by our jury in the categories for students and staff.

3. Winners informed by comment, private message or email (depending on how the entry was submitted) by 15.6.2018.

4.  Awarding of prizes: Award ceremony on 21.06.2018 at the TU Berlin summer festival.

4. Eligibility

Anyone over 18 is eligible. Participation using false identities or the identities of third persons is not permitted. TU Berlin reserves the right to exclude participants from the photo competition who infringe the conditions of participation.

TU Berlin staff (including students employed as staff), as well as their relatives, may only take part in the staff category.

Each participant agrees, should they be among the winners, to being informed thereof by email or Instagram comment using the name they provided.

In the event of an infringement of the conditions of participation or an attempt at technical manipulation, participants may be excluded from the competition. In such cases it is also possible that prizes awarded may be subsequently withdrawn or claimed back.

5. How to participate

Participation is only possible by submitting a photo using one of the following options:

a) loading up the photo on Instagram using the hashtag  #DiversityTUBerlin as well as the participant category  #TUB students or #TUB staff


b) sending the photo to equality@tub.tu-berlin.de

Only public profiles or publicly visible images can be used to participate. Private profiles are not visible for the organizers.

By using the hashtag #DiversityTUBerlin you agree to the conditions of participation.

6. Copyright and right of publicity

The participant guarantees that they possess all rights to the photo they are submitting for inclusion in the competition, the exclusive rights to any commercial exploitation thereof, that the image is free of the rights of third parties and that the depicting of persons does not infringe any right of publicity. 

If one or more than one person is identifiable in a photo, their agreement is required that the picture may be published. Should, despite this, any third party enforce a claim arising from an infringement of their rights, the participant indemnifies the organizer from all claims.

TU Berlin reserves the right to delete any images which include or depict insults, racism, hate propaganda, pornography and obscenity, as well as incitements to violence against persons, institutions or businesses

7. Granting of rights

Participants grant TU Berlin the right to make use of and publish the photos submitted to the competition as per the terms of a Creative Commons – Attribution license 4.0 (CC BY 4.0). The rights of the authors are protected by the attribution requirement.

8. Prize offering

Once the deadline for uploading photos has expired on 10.06.2018, 23:59, a jury of representatives of TU Berlin will select the most beautiful, creative or amusing images for both the student and staff categories.
TU Berlin staff, including students employed as staff, may only take part in the staff category.

The following prizes will be awarded to TU Berlin students:

1st place: 1 x travel voucher for Deutsche Bahn (value: 200 euros)

2nd place: 1 x Yorck Cinema voucher (80 euros) 

3rd place: 1 x Modulor voucher (50 euros)

The following prize will be awarded to TU Berlin staff:

1st place: 1 x private tour of artworks on the TU Berlin campus.

Prizes are not transferable and can be neither exchanged nor paid out in cash.

Winning entrants will be informed by Instagram comment function by 15.06.2018 at the latest, and requested to send a mail to equality@tub.tu-berlin.de in order to clarify details concerning the awarding of the prizes. Should an entry have been submitted by email, the winner will be contacted by email to the address used when submitting the entry.

Winners who do not respond within two weeks to this notification, irrevocably forfeit their right to the prize.

9. Data privacy statement

The participant agrees to the storage, processing and transmission by TU Berlin of the data provided for the purposes of participating in the competition, as far as this is necessary and appropriate for the organization of the competition. No data is to be passed on to third parties for other purposes.

Participants’ data is to be used exclusively for the purposes of the competition and thereafter deleted. The regulations of Technische Universität Berlin regarding data protection further apply and can be viewed via the following link: www.tu-berlin.de/asv/menue/datenschutz/datenschutz_regelungen/

10. Liability statement

TU Berlin reserves the right to alter the conditions of participation at any time or to terminate or discontinue the competition at any time without notice and without providing a reason.  TU Berlin accepts no liability for loss of winning chances resulting from connection problems or malfunctions on the part of Instagram arising from technical issues, or for technical problems when sending emails.

11. Final provisions

Legal recourse is excluded.

The competition is in no way connected to Instagram and is neither organized or supported by Instagram. Participants cannot make any claims against Instagram as a result of participating in the competition.

Should individual clauses of the conditions of participation be, or become, void or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining clauses remains unaffected.

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