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Diversity, equal opportunities and protection from discrimination at the TU Berlin


Technische Universität Berlin is committed to the goals of equal opportunities and freedom from discrimination.

Diversity at TU Berlin is understood in terms of commitment, opportunity and potential and describes the diversity of its members in terms of their social attributions;  attributions often associated with discrimination, such as age, disability and chronic illness, ethnic origin, gender, social background, sexual orientation as well as religion and political or other opinion. Diversity embraces the eclectic ideas, talents and experience of all the University’s members and the contribution they make to TU Berlin both in terms of their various approaches to work and in the range of issues addressed, research undertaken and programs taught.

In order to achieve the greatest possible equality of opportunity, TU Berlin and all its staff and students are committed to a respectful and sensitive approach in their dealings with one another, to breaking down barriers and providing protection from discrimination as well as creating the necessary conditions for an equal right of participation in university life and in the process of shaping the University.

By applying these principles, TU Berlin pursues the goal of being an inclusive institution. This means constantly striving to actively dismantle barriers, mechanisms of exclusion, and discrimination and encouraging members to develop their abilities and participate in university life. Our aim is for all members of the University to be able to recognize discrimination and take active measures to combat it whenever it occurs. 

Diversity Strategy - Unanimous commitment to equal opportunities and protection from discrimination

In December 2019, TU Berlin unanimously adopted these principles in its Diversity Strategy - Equal Opportunities at Technische Universität Berlin in the Academic Senate, thus starting the process for a systematic integration of diversity, equal opportunities and freedom from discrimination in all fields of action of the university, the so-called diversity mainstreaming.

Diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination will be systematically integrated into the steering mechanisms, regulations and (university-wide) strategy processes as guiding principles.

Further information you find here.

Areas of Focus: Gender diversity and social origin (First Generation)

Complementary to the implementation of the diversity mainstreaming, which primarily addresses diversity across all its dimensions, TU Berlin recognizes the need to grant individual aspects of diversity special focus. For this purpose, areas of focus will  be defined for a period of two years each. During this time, TU Berlin will dedicate itself to certain topics, both in its internal discourse and in targeted measures, to address any shortcomings and sensitize University members to these topics.

In the area of focus of gender diversity, TU Berlin aims to review its administrative processes for areas requiring change and to inform and sensitize University members to trans*, inter* or non-binary identities, so as to grant an environment where participation in university life without fear of impairment or discrimination is possible. More information as well as consultation you find here.

The area of focus social origin (First Generation) addresses academics and students of the so-called First Generation, i.e. those who are the first of their family of origin to study. The aim is to address the often-unknown unequal starting conditions and the interrelation of social origin and educational privilege or disadvantage, and to systematically dismantle barriers related to this.


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