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Our perspective on diversity and equality@TUB

This picture shows a circular graphic
based on Loden/Rosener 1991, Gardenswartz/Rowe 2003 &
Stifterverband 2012. The graphic represents the multiple dimension of
diversity of the TU members. The inner dimension includes mental &
physical abilities, gender, age, ethnicity/geographic origin, sexual
orientation and social background. The external Dimension includes
economic background, marital status, residency, leisure behaviour,
religion & belief, education & working experience,
competences, demeanor, cultural background, habitus and habits. In
addition the graphic shows the organisational dimension, such as
inter- & transdisciplinarity, teaching & research contents,
duration of organisational affiliation, members & sanitary group,
academic autonomy, central institutions(ZUV, ZEWK), faculties &
institutes, size of TU Berlin and its institutes, networks, teaching
and research area.
Graphic based on Loden/Rosener 1991, Gardenswartz/Rowe 2003 & Stifterverband 2012
Lupe [1]

TU Berlin is currently intensifying its focus on the topic of diversity. Societal developments related to demographic change, an increased aspiration for lifelong learning and the arrival of ever more refugees define the framework for this process. Since it views these changes as both chances and challenges, the TU Berlin has initiated a university-wide discourse on diversity and its impact. In addition, in order to meet the expectations as stated in the higher education contracts, TU Berlin is also developing a comprehensive strategy for diversity and equal opportunity.

TU Berlin wants to offer equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination to all its members. Only a university free from discrimination can offer space for personal development and unlock the full potential of all members. Building upon the key dimensions of our diversity concept, TU Berlin wants to establish a respectful and appreciative culture of dealing with diversity in the daily affairs of its students and staff in all areas of campus life. Regardless of these dimensions, which shall build the focus of the strategic development process - every member of TU Berlin should be given the same opportunity for active participation in university work life.

With equality@TUB we want to Comprehend! Connect! Change! We try mutually to sensitize for diversity and we wish to reflect what diversity could mean for our university.  We initiate and support the active discussion about these topics. We want to learn what our employees in administration and technics, in research and teaching, as well as our students wish or which specific issues our strategy should address.

Therefore, the Strategic Controlling Department responsible for monitoring and evaluating equality activity and the Central Women's Representative (Zentrale Frauenbeauftragte, ZFA) collaborated under the special direction of the Vice President for Strategic Development, Junior Scholars, and Teacher Education, Prof. Dr. Angela Ittel, to organize a discussion and lecture module called “Get connected…” [2] (Juni 2017 - April 2018). At these events, participants representing a broad spectrum of the university status groups discussed the constituent core dimensions of diversity. The aim was to gain insight into the perspectives and opinions of University members.

We also have an online form [3] as an alternative way for you to take part in the discussion and share your diversity story as well as your ideas and suggestions for engaging diversity and internationalization at the University. Please be assured: All comments collected via this online form are anonymous. We do not collect personal data or track submissions. Our sole aim in using your experiences, suggestions and ideas is to promote the development of positive conditions for cultivating and maintaining real equality for all University members at TU Berlin. We would be very happy to receive your input.


Isabel Teusch
+49 (0)30 314 25653
Main Building
Room H1556
e-mail query [4]

Charlotte Reinisch
+49 (0)30 314 24886
Main Building
Room H1109
e-mail query [5]

Alexis Jayne Heede
+49 (0)30 314 22456
Main Building
Room H1057
e-mail query [6]

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"Get connected..." - series of events at TU Berlin

Der gezeigte Flyer hat folgenden
Ins Gespräch kommen...
Veranstaltungsreihe an der TU Berlin
Um eine breit getragene Diversitätsstrategie entwickeln zu können,
möchte die TU Berlin mit ihren Mitgliedern rund um die Themen
Diversität und Gleichstellung ins Gespräch kommen. Uns interessiert,
welche Erfahrungen Sie gesammelt haben und wie wir an der TU Berlin
die Chancengleichheit noch besser fördern können.
Dazu wurden und werden Veranstaltungen zu folgenden Themen
- soziale Herkunft (Juni 2017)
- Familie und Vereinbarkeit (Oktober 2017)
- sexuelle Orientierung & Geschlechtliche Identität (November
- Rassismus und Sexismus (Januar 2018)
- Diversitätsorientiert lehren (April 2018)
- Chronische Krankheiten
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme und darauf, mit Ihnen ins Gespräch
zu kommen. Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne per Email:

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