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Blick vom Dach des Physik-Neubaus, Eugene-Paul-Wigner-Gebäude, auf das Hauptgebäude der Technischen Universität Berlin

University Mission

Wednesday, 13. April 2011


TU Berlin has a long and rich tradition and is recognized globally as an excellent research university. Our goal is to continue to develop science and technology for the benefit of our society. The members of the university are wholly committed to the principle of sustainable development which tackles contemporary challenges without further burdening future generations. For us, research and teaching are insep-arably linked.

Using innovative, technology-oriented and holistic methodologies we are contributing to the shaping of a better future. We are fully aware of our responsibility vis-à-vis society – not only due to our history – but also because we must uphold ethical and humanistic oriented standards in our research and teaching endeavors. It is against this background that research and teaching in the natural, planning and engineering sciences are inextricably linked with the humanities and social sciences. All our research and teaching activities serve civilian purposes exclusively.

Our university members are actively engaged in promoting equal opportunity between women and men and in creating family-friendly study and working conditions. We strive to ensure equal opportunity and non-discrimination at all levels of the university organization. In our teaching and research we also explicitly embrace the plurality of world views and diverse ways of life.


We carry out basic and application-oriented research at a top international level. On the basis of our comprehensive spectrum of disciplines we establish fields of future scientific focus and promote cross-faculty research activities and networks with external actors.

Teaching and academics

TU Berlin is an attractive educational institution in which students acquire the academic and social competencies they will need for their careers and to actively shape the society of the future.

The broad range of subjects offered by TU Berlin provides students a transdisciplinary scientific education, which in turn is an expression of the universityʼs societal and global responsibilities.

Continuing education in science is an integrative component of university training and enables lifelong learning.

We are open to the concept of innovation as the basis for constantly impro-ving our university. We are continuously refining the quality of instruction by promoting dialogue between our teachers and students, in addition to developing further options that can ensure the ongoing professionalization of our academic staff.

Practice-oriented knowledge transfer

We promote knowledge and technology transfer between our university and practical applications. We form strategic alliances with companies, as well as with university and non-university research facilities. We also promote innovation transfer through spin-offs and by supporting TU Berlin members in establishing their own companies. We organize public discussions, advise policy actors, we are active members in a regional and supra-regional network, and we foster relationships with our alumni.

Organisation culture

TU Berlin regards itself as a learning organization that continuously deve-lops its human resources. All status groups contribute to achieving optimal organizational and management structures and to positively impacting university life. We operate our facilities in a safe, healthy, resource-friendly and environmentally conscious manner. We systematically support our budding young scientists in finding attractive and challenging employment and trainee positions.


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