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We've got the brains for the future

Lichthof mit Nike-Statue im TU-Hauptgebäude
Lichthof mit Nike-Statue im TU-Hauptgebäude

The internationally renowned Technische Universität Berlin is located in Germany’s capital city at the heart of Europe. Our academic activities are focused on achieving sharply-defined goals: building a distinctive profile for our university, ensuring exceptional performance in research and teaching, providing our graduates with excellent qualifications and a modern approach to university administration. The TU Berlin strives to promote the dissemination of knowledge and to facilitate technological progress through adherence to the core principles of excellence and quality. Strong regional, national and international networking with partners in science and industry are an important aspect in these endeavors. more to: We've got the brains for the future

Academic excellence

The TU Berlin is one of the largest universities of technology in Germany. One of our most important tasks is to educate our students to meet the challenges of a world increasingly characterized by technology and progress. University rankings pay testimony to our successes by continually ranking the TU Berlin among the top academic institutions around the world. more to: Academic excellence


The TU Berlin has adopted a number of reforms over the past few years to help strengthen its competitive edge, for example by adopting both a seven-school approach and a new fundamental organizational strategy that features an innovative university administration and committee structure. This process is now to be applied to all university endeavors - especially as state funds continue to dwindle and competition between universities increases. more to: Reforms

Excellence Strategy

The goals of the Excellence Strategy by the German federal and State Government to promote Science and Research at German Universities are to support top-notch research at German universities, to strengthen Germany’s position in terms of the quality of its university system and as a hub for science and technology, in addition to improving international competitiveness. The clusters of excellence UniSysCat, MATH+, and Science of Intelligence receive funding from this nationwide competition. more to: Excellence Strategy


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