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German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) Re-Audit “Internationalisation of Universities”


The German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) audit “Internationalisation of Universities” supports German institutions of higher education in the systematic implementation of their internationalization strategy and related measures.

A team of advisors with international experience guides a university’s development of a specific international profile oriented towards its concrete objectives and capacities.

Audit “Internationalisation of Universities” 2010/2011

In 2010/2011, TU Berlin successfully participated in the Audit "Internationalisation of Universities". To this end, it prepared a self-evaluation report, formulated objectives and developed an internationalization strategy.

In doing so, TU Berlin was advised by a team of international experts and received recommendations for its further development. The audit certified the TUB's strength as an outstandingly well networked university, with a number of internationally prestigious study and research programs. Potential for improvement was identified in, among other areas, Internationalization@Home.

Re-Audit “Internationalisation of Universities” 2015 to 2018

In order to continually develop its internationalization and systematically promote all relevant measures in this regard, TU Berlin participated in the Audit "Internationalisation of Universities" starting in early 2015.

As part of a university-wide development process, we formulated an implementation plan that included a strategy as well as an action plan that consisted of a total of 79 individual measures.

In addition to the implementation plan for the University as a whole, all seven faculties as well as the central institutes Campus El Gouna and the School of Education (SETUB) each formulated their own implementation plans.

The implementation plan was agreed by TU Berlin's Executive Board on 5 October 2016 and by the Academic Senate on 12 October 2016, and thereby became binding for the University. As a result, TU Berlin has officially transitioned from the planning phase to the implementation phase.

In March 2017, TU Berlin submitted the interim report on the current implementation status of the internationalization measures.

In July 2018, as scheduled, TU Berlin submitted the final report on the Re-Audit “Internationalisation of Universities” to the HRK. In October 2018 the HRK’s team of advisors carried out a further on-site auditing at TU Berlin.

In February 2019, the Technische Universität Berlin successfully completed the three-year re-audit process of the "HRK-EXPERTISE Internationalisation" project of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK).

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