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Re-Audit Implementation Plan

As part of a university-wide development process, we formulated an implementation plan that included a strategy as well as an action plan that consisted of a total of 78 individual measures.

The action plan included four central fields of action in which operative objectives and measures, contributing to their attainment, were formulated.

Planning & Management


Internationality is a value shared by all at TU Berlin and is as such subject to a constant process of communication that is also part of the continuous change management that takes place between the university management and TU Berlin's centralized and decentralized bodies. The internationalization strategy creates incentives, provides support and manages processes in this field. The goal in this regard does not lie in achieving uniformity or setting limits, but in supporting measures of internationalization in a targeted and tailored manner and in accordance with the needs of the respective areas.

Objective 1: Joint Understanding of Internationality

TU Berlin members develop a joint understanding of internationality, of its goals and motives, and of the steps required in its pursuit. The internationalization of TU Berlin is the subject of continuous dialog between the university management, the university’s bodies and its members.

No.      Measure
Assign (vice) deans for internationalization.
Establish a committee of (vice) deans for internationalization.
Strengthen internal communication and exchange on internationalization.
Communicate the internationalization strategy.
Monitor the implementation of the internationalization strategy and measures.
Promote the use of the Campus El Gouna throughout the university.
Develop a language strategy.

Objective 2: Structures, Responsibilities and Processes

Building of a TU Berlin-internal, integrative governance structure in order to gradually define and advance the overriding objectives of the internationalization. The structures, responsibilities and processes related to the topic area of internationalization are clearly articulated. Blind spots in the supervision of international topics and target groups are eliminated.

No.    Measure
Strengthen international structures – establish an Office of International Affairs.
Collect and utilize data on internationality.
Establish contact persons for international matters within the faculties.

Objective 3: Further Development of the Strategy for International Cooperation

We reflect on our strategy for international cooperation and constantly develop it further.

No.    Measure
Advance the concept of Strategic Partnerships and Focus Regions.

Objective 4: Increase International Visibility

The further expansion of our international visibility increases, both within Germany and abroad, our attractiveness as an institution of education and research, and as a workplace.

No.           Measure
Make better use of international rankings.
Establish international representative offices.
Develop the international university marketing further.
Advance international Alumni strategy.

Objective 5: Transfer of Education and Research to Developing and Newly Industrialized Countries

We use our expertise for the transfer of education and research to selected developing and newly industrialized countries.

No.      Measure
Create networks among the actors involved in collaborations in developing and newly industrialized countries.

Study & Teaching


TU Berlin is an attractive education and research institution and workplace for both German and international students – be it students in first degree courses or consecutive courses of study, in summer school, in exchange programs or in joint or dual degree programs.

All students are given the opportunity to acquire international and intercultural experience during their studies, either at TU Berlin itself or at one of its partner institutions. In the medium term, we want to be able to offer our international students bilingual information, administrative processes and advisory services in both German and English.

Objective 6: Increase Student Mobility

The study conditions  allow all students to conduct part of their studies at a foreign partner university. Thus, student mobility is increased.

No.      Measure
Increase student mobility.
Open up windows for student mobility.
Create a database for the recognition of international credits.
Prepare study plans for the stay abroad.
Establish an ombudsperson for the recognition of international credits.
Appoint program coordinators for all student exchange programs.

Objective 7: Internationality and Interculturality for all Students

While studying at TU Berlin, all students have the opportunity to become acquainted with internationality and interculturality. We support our students in developing their foreign language skills as part of their studies and in preparing for their study stays abroad.

No.      Measure
Expand language-learning options for students.
Promote academic language skills.
Intercultural language-learning tandems for the integration of refugees.
Internationalization of the curricula.
Offer activities at the Campus El Gouna to all students.
Offer more international degree programs.

Objective 8: More English in Master’s Programs

Each graduate of a master’s program can study at least part of his/her course in English.

No.      Measure
Offer online services for students in German and English.
Increase the number of courses offered in English.
Increase the number of courses offered in English (support).
Use the TU Berlin Summer University for exchange places.

Objective 9: Attractive Educational Institution for Students from all over the World

TU Berlin is an attractive educational institution for students from all over the world.

No.      Measure
Open study programs to refugees.
Improve support for international students.
Offer student counseling  in German and English.
Admit foreign teachers to adaptation training courses.
Support students with migration backgrounds in teacher education programs.
Promote networking among students (TUBIC).
Implement the National Code of Conduct Regarding International Students.
Expand the TU Berlin Summer University.

Research & Promotion of Early Stage Researchers


International researchers enrich the courses we offer and the research we conduct at TU Berlin. They regard our university as an attractive research institution and workplace. Therefore, we promote and support the international mobility of our academic staff at all levels of their academic careers. In addition, we provide tailored support for international research collaborations during all project phases. We wish to become more visible and to exploit our full potential, particularly in the European Research Area.

Objective 10: Exploit Funding Potential

TU Berlin exploits its full potential with regard to attracting international funds, in particular, funds from the European Union.

No.      Measure
Expand information and advisory services regarding international funding programs.
Use strategic partnerships for externally funded collaborative research.
Use the network of international partners for research and transfer.
Setting research agendas within the European Union.

Objective 11: Increase the Success Rate of Proposals at the International Level

By means of our comprehensive research support we aim to increase the number of proposals approved.

No.      Measure
Use EU overheads for research support at all levels.
Lobby  for TU Berlin proposals in Brussels.
Explaining more comprehensivly the research funding logic of European Agencies.
Use national support networks more comprehensivly – improve the quality of research proposals.

Objective 12: Increase TU Berlin’s visibility within the European Research Area

TU Berlin is more visible in the international research community, in particular, within the European Research Area.

No.      Measure
Participate actively in international and European cooperative networks.
Use TU Berlin’s office in Brussels for matters related to internationalization and research funding.

Objective 13: Expand International Top-Level Research

We are continuously expanding our position in international top-level research.

No.      Measure
Encourage and support promising researchers for applications to the ERC.
Improve chances of success with regard to receiving ERC Grants.
Encourage and support TU researchers with their applications for EU funded  projects.

Objective 14: Attract International Researchers

Researchers are increasingly sought and recruited internationally. Internationality is strengthened as an element in the appointment procedure. International researchers feel welcome and well supported at TU Berlin.

No.      Measure
Advertise academic positions internationally.
Design the appointment procedure in a more international manner.
Increase TU Berlin’s attractiveness for international researchers.
Further improve the Welcome Service.
Offer classes in German as a foreign language for international researchers.
Open up the senior postdoctoral phase more towards international researchers.

Objective 15: Support International Doctoral Students

Persons interested in entering a doctoral program as well as doctoral students from abroad are to be comprehensively informed, advised and supported. To international scholarship providers, TU Berlin is visible due to its academic quality and because of its extensive support and qualification program.

No.      Measure
Convey academic standards and rules of academic integrity.
Support supervisors of international doctoral students.
Identify challenges and obstacles in the selection and supervision of international doctoral students.
Enhance joint doctoral programs.
Offer workshops on career options for international doctoral students.
Ascertain the needs of international doctoral students.

Objective 16: Increase the International Mobility of Early Stage Researchers

International mobility is specifically promoted and increased within the doctoral and postdoctoral phases.

No.      Measure
Develop mobility solutions for the doctoral and postdoctoral phases.
Advertise mobility solutions for the doctoral and postdoctoral phases.
Internationality is one of the goals in the concept for the promotion of early stage researchers.
Use international doctoral programs as  best practice models.

Culture & Support Structures


TU Berlin regards and organizes itself in all areas as an international university and therefore has a special concern for possible communication problems arising from language and cultural differences.

We aim to gradually develop our administrative and advisory services in such a way that all options are available in German and English. Anybody who speaks and understands one of these two languages shall be able for the most part to orient themselves at the university.

Our non-academic staff benefits from TU Berlin’s internationality, too, and is specifically supported in its work within an international environment by means of mobility options, intercultural training and language courses. The university’s diversity and internationality is visible to all its members and is experienced as an enrichment and an opportunity.

Objective 17: Administrative Services in English

Administrative processes and information options are also tailored to the needs of those TU Berlin members with no or very little knowledge of German.

No.      Measure
Offer administrative forms and information in English.
Establish a central translation service.
Appoint “International Guides”.
Facilitate orientation on the campus for those without any knowledge of the German language.

Objective 18: Staff Development with an International Focus

Establish staff development with an international focus: language, culture and mobility.

No.      Measure
Further training in intercultural competence and specialized knowledge.
Promote staff mobility.
Establish a Certificate for Intercultural Competence.

Objective 19: Diversity is Visible and Enriching

Internationality and diversity are visible at all levels of TU Berlin and are experienced as enriching.

No.      Measure
Make internationality and diversity come alive.
Mentorships for German and international students.
Develop a Diversity Policy.

Further Information

Get an overview about the (re-) audit “Internationalisation of Universities” at the TU Berlin.

Find more information on how the implementation plan was developed and what happens in the implementation phase.

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