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Investigation Commission for Scientific Misconduct

Duties of the Commission

German universities have committed themselves to investigate every concrete suspicion of scientific misconduct. This is intended to ensure that scientific activity and results can be reproduced and that they have been achieved without violating the rights of other persons. Scientific misconduct is defined as the conscious or grossly negligent use of false information, the violation of the intellectual property of others, or compromising the research activities of another person in any other form, within a context relevant to science (Statute on the Safeguarding of Good Academic Practice at TU Berlin [1] of 8 March 2017).

In suspected cases of scientific misconduct, the contact person is primarily the Ombudsperson. At the same time, persons seeking advice may directly refer to members of the Investigation Committee. In substantiated cases, an investigation procedure will be initiated. According to the results of this investigation, the President then decides which measures will be taken.


Prof. Dr. Sabine Klapp
Sekr. EW 7-1
Phone: 314 - 23763
Fax: 314 - 21130
Contact [2]
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Rötting
Sekr. FR 2-7/1
Phone: 314-79520, -29770
Fax: 314-72581
Contact [3]

Members of the Committee

Prof. Dr. Dodo zu Knyphausen-Aufseß
Sekr. H 92
Phone: 314-28744
Contact [4]
Dr. Beate Patzer
Sekr. EW 8-1
Phone: 314-23739
Contact [5]
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul Uwe Thamsen
Sekr. K2
Phone: 314-25262
Fax: 314-21472
Contact [6]

Legal Bases

  • Principles for Suspected Cases of Scientific Misconduct at the TU Berlin [7] (July 1999)
  • Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice at the TU Berlin [8] (July 2002)
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