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SCIoI - Learning to Understand Intelligence

What are the fundamental laws and principles underlying different forms of intelligence – whether artificial, human, or animal intelligence? Which universally applicable principles are shared by different forms of intelligence? Addressing these types of issues is the central subject of research for the proposed “Science of Intelligence” cluster project. Despite intensive research in all areas of intelligence, knowledge remains incomplete and incoherent.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Brock, designated spokesman for the cluster "Science of Intelligence“
Lupe [1]

The “Science of Intelligence” project aims to fill these gaps and establish correlations in order to fundamentally advance the understanding of intelligence. The methodological strategy of the project pursues an innovative, synthetic approach to intelligence research; all findings, methods, concepts, and theories from the widest variety of disciplines will be merged in a shared language. This approach facilitates the linking and review of various research findings and, moreover, will open up new opportunities to create intelligent technological artefacts for socially important applications. Findings obtained in this way integrate all participating disciplines of intelligence research, thereby placing the identification of fundamental principles of different forms of intelligence within reach.

In parallel to the existing “Master Track Science of Intelligence,” which conveys necessary knowledge from computer sciences, psychology, and science theory to prospective intelligence researchers, participating scientists aim for a whole range of academic measures in order to establish an interdisciplinary research program for intelligence. The goal is to create a unique research and training environment in the metropolitan area of Berlin, with great appeal to young, highly-qualified intelligence researchers.

Applicant universities
Technische Universität Berlin
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Designated spokesman
Prof. Dr. Oliver Brock  

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