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Jobs – Traineeships – Career

Working during your university studies – this is already a reality for many students. Beyond the need to make money to pay for costs associated with university studies, many students also want to work in order to gain valuable practical experience. The TU Berlin offers a number of information centers that can help you find jobs, traineeships and scholarships, in addition to help in how to apply for career positions. For those of you wanting to set up your own business, we provide a whole range of counseling and support instruments as well.

Professional Life and Career

In addition to the traditional courses of study offered at the TU Berlin we also offer a number of support instruments to help you get started in your career or to achieve your own financial independence. Check out what we have to offer

Jobs and Job Offers

Under the following links you can find job offers from both within the TU Berlin and from other employers. For job offers within the TU Berlin see:

Jobs inside and outside the TU Berlin:

Jobs outside the TU Berlin:

For those of you interested in earning money during your studies click on the following links:

Graduate Studies

The TU Berlin offfers several programmes for graduates.


Traineeships are a great way to prepare for your future vocation. Dedicated traineeship fairs can help you find a trainee position that is right for you.


Find the right scholarship to help finance a trainee position or your university studies. See our list of scholarships on offer, in addition to well-known scholarship programs such as ERASMUS or DAAD.

Starting your own Company

For those of you who want to attain professional independence after completing your studies, the TU Berlin provides a number of support mechanisms to assist you in starting your own company.

Women and Career

The TU Berlin is especially committed to purposely promoting the talents and potential of young women. Several initiatives have been put in place to make sure that young women have the opportunity to excel in their studies:

  • Dual Career Service (DCS)
    Service for newly appointed professors to help with finding a job for their spouse, child care, apartment-/house-hunting and generally arriving in Berlin
  • Networking for Women Professors
    The TU Berlin – together with the Humboldt University-Berlin and the Free University-Berlin – has initiated the program “ProFil” (Professionalization of Women in Research and Teaching: Mentoring – Training – Networking), which supports promising women in becoming professors.
  • "ProMotion" for Women Doctoral Candidates
    The virtual preparatory college “ProMotion” provides support to women doctoral candidates to help them obtain their doctoral degrees at the TU Berlin.
  • For girls interested in technology
    The TU Berlin’s Techno-Club gives high school girls the opportunity to learn about the various fields of technology and natural science.
  • More Information about the Women’s Representative Office of theTU Berlin
  • Femtec
    Femtec aims to search, find, promote, and connect female junior managers in the STEM fields for business and science. Offers include programmes about career development as well as advising and networking opportunities for students and young professionals.
  • Encouraging Startups by Women
    The project “Empowering Women Startups – Promoting Women in Business” seeks to encourage women to start their own companies.
  • Public-Private-Partnership for Talented Young Women
    Getting women interested in university studies in engineering and natural sciences and promoting women managers are the goals of Femtec (University Career Center for Women Berlin).


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