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In an emergency, call 112 or use our emergency contacts card to get 24/7 assistance from the Summer & Winter University team.


Berlin is generally a safe city, however like all cities, incidents can occur. Participants should follow the same general precautions they would take in their home countries. We recommend that participants keep an eye on their valuables in touristy areas where pickpockets could operate and to always inform others of their whereabouts and plans (for example, if travelling to another city for the weekend). 

Assistance from the team

We provide a 24/7 emergency contact phone, which all participants can use to contact us if they need our help with a medical situation or other emergency.

In serious emergencies, we of course advise that you contact the medical emergency services, police, or fire brigade first on the number 112. However, once they have been contacted you can also contact us to help you further with the situation if you need, (for example if you need a German speaker to escort you or to help you speak with a doctor).

We are also available on the emergency number if you are feeling unwell and need help finding a doctor for an appointment. 

All of these important contact numbers will be provided to you on your first day on an emergency contact card.

We are also available 9-5 for non-emergency enquiries via our whatsapp group or via email.


when you register, you need to provide us proof that you have medical health insurance that covers your stay in Germany. It is useful if you can keep a printed copy of this in your accommodation, as it could be useful if you need to visit a doctor (please note more doctors will charge you upfront and then ask you to get a reimbursement from your insurance provider, so make sure you keep all receipts). 

If you are a member of the EU, please have your EHIC card on you at all times, and bring this with you to any doctors appointments. 

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