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Natural Disasters & Geo Information Systems

Summer University Term 3: July 23rd - August 16th


Course price: 1850 Euros

18 hours of class a week, 5 ECTS, max. 20 participants


This four-week course is on Natural Hazard Monitoring using Remote Sensing and GIS-Tools.

During the course an introduction into ArcGIS / ESRI and the free available Quantum GIS software will be given, as well as into the image processing software ENVI / Harris Geospatial Solutions and the free available SNAP-software provided by ESA. The participants will learn where to find and download satellite data free of charge and free GIS data (streets, buildings, waterways, earthquake data, etc.) and how to integrate these data into the GIS. Further on, the students will learn how digitize in ArcGIS and create their own data. The exercises are dealing with the elaboration of maps needed for natural hazard preparedness and mitigation and the creation of a database. Another focus is the use of different Web-tools and interactive Web-maps created for the long-term monitoring of landscapes what is important for the detection of the impact of climate change on landscape development and its impact on natural hazards.

This course is aimed at participants with a background in Geosciences, land use planning, urban and regional planning, agriculture, disaster management. 

Learning Goals & Syllabus


This course will achieve the following learning outcomes: GIS practice, remote sensing and GIS data collection and data management, use of satellite data and image processing techniques, the ability to create susceptibility to natural hazard maps


The syllabus for the course IS HERE

You may find the syllabus useful when discussing with your home University whether the ECTS credits attainable for this course are accepted by them.

Course components:

  • PPT-Presentations as introductions to the excerises
  • Excercises using GIS and Digital Image Processing Software


The general prerequisites of the TU Berlin Summer University are the following: at least one year of university experience + English level B2 or equivalent.

Please note: no prior GIS knowledge is required, as an introduction will be given.


Prof. Dr. habil. Barbara Theilen-Willige


Professor Theilen-Willige has been a professor at the TU Berlin since Nov. 2007 in Faculty VI, the Institute of Applied Geosciences.

Her subject areas include: Geology, Geography, GIS, Geoscientific Remote Sensing, Natural Hazard Research.

As well as the TU Berlin, she has previously taught at the Universities of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.

She holds the following degrees:

1976:             Degree in Geography: Diplom / TU Hannover,

1977-1978:  Grant by the German Academic Exchange Service
                      (DAAD) for scientific, geologic research in Brazil,

1980:             Doctor Degree in Geology / TU Clausthal,

2000:             Habilitation at Berlin University of Technology
                       supported by a grant of the German Research
                       Foundation (DFG) / Bonn,


Please direct questions about the course to the TU Berlin Summer University Team at: . We will answer your questions and direct specific queries regarding course content to the course lecturers where necessary.

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