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TU Berlin's Open Access Policy

(passed unanimously by the Academic Senate on December 6, 2017)

In its Mission Statement, the Technische Universität Berlin commits to research and teaching that is based on social, ethical and humanist grounds. It is against this background that research and teaching in the natural, planning and engineering sciences are inextricably linked with the humanities and social sciences. It is particularly important to TU Berlin that research findings are sustainably disseminated, accessible and visible.

In order to achieve this, TU Berlin supports the research political request for Open Access to scholarly knowledge as laid out in the “Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities”.

TU Berlin's Executive Board and Academic Senate strongly recommend that the university's members publish their research results Open Access. In keeping with the Berlin Declaration, the following guidelines have been adopted:

  1. TU Berlin recommends that members of the university publish their work Open Access and under a free license (preferably a Creative Commons license CC BY). It is supporting Open Access in a number of ways, including setting up a publication fund to cover Open Access fees.
  2. TU Berlin is calling on members of the university to exercise their secondary exploitation right and to self-archive all publications in repositories, either at the same time as the publication or after a set period of time. The TU Berlin repository can be used for this.
  3. TU Berlin encourages all university members to transfer non-exclusive rights of use when signing a copyright transfer agreement. If this is not possible, it is recommended to reserve the right to self-archive the publication in the TU Berlin repository.
  4. TU Berlin asks all university members to reevaluate their role as reviewers, editors and in other publishing processes with regard to the respective Open Access policy, to use their position to influence publishers and learned societies and to preferentially favour Open Access publications with their voluntary work where possible. Non-commercial publishing options are particularly encouraged.
  5. TU Berlin supports Open Access to research data. The management of research data is governed by the “Guidelines on Research Data Management at TU Berlin” [forthcoming].
  6. Members of TU Berlin can publish their work Open Access in the TU Berlin University Press. This applies to monographs, anthologies and Open Access journals.
  7. TU Berlin's own publications should appear under the terms of free licenses (preferably the Creative Commons license CC BY).
  8. The university has appointed an Open Access Representative to implement the Open Access Policy. The University Library is responsible for coordinating Open Access activities and developing Services.

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