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Why implement active recruitment?

TU Berlin's most important goals include ensuring that selection procedures for professorial appointments are conducted on a global level, and, as part of this process, increasing the percentage of professorships occupied by women and diversity as a whole among professorships. Attracting the largest possible suitably qualified field of applicants is essential to achieving these two goals.

In a time where universities are strongly competing with business and industry for top candidates, particularly in the MINT subjects, this aim cannot be attained through a simple “post and pray” strategy when publishing calls for highly remunerative positions.

For many years, in advance of its advertising of positions, TU Berlin has sought to ensure the identification of potential applicants at national and international level, with promising candidates being actively encouraged to apply. Nevertheless, TU Berlin still sees potential for development in the area of identifying and addressing both potential candidates working abroad and, in particular, female professors in disciplines in which they are underrepresented.

Active recruitment is an instrument for attracting highly qualified staff. Not all suitably qualified persons are actively seeking new positions and not all people actively seeking employment necessarily find the right positions for them. This is particularly true for positions for international scholars.

Initiating personal contact often provides a means of reaching out to other potential candidates and encouraging them to apply for a position. Active recruitment is also to be utilized as a specific tool for increasing the proportion of women and diverse applicants, and thus achieving a balanced talent pool.

Please note: As stated in Section 6 of the Appointment Regulations passed by the Academic Senate of TU Berlin in July 2018, institutes with a proportion of women employed in Strukturprofessuren (professorships established within the TU Berlin budget) of under 30% are required to undertake measures for the active recruitment of female scholars for professorships.

Through the appointment of a staff member responsible for active recruitment in Appointments and Strategic Cooperation (established 2018), TU Berlin supports the faculties in the search for, and identification and contacting of, international female applicants.

In its appointment procedures, TU Berlin therefore places clear emphasis on achieving equal opportunities for its applicants while also ensuring the diversity of those applying.


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