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Required Qualifications

W2/W3 Professorship

In addition to the public service law requirements, the required qualifications for filling a W2/W3 professorship are regulated in Sec. 100(1) of the Berlin Higher Education Act (Berliner Hochschulgesetz, BerlHG):

1. completed university degree,

2. proven pedagogical or teaching skills and experience,  

3. notable ability to research, as evident from an outstanding PhD,

4. in addition, depending on the requirements of the position

a) additional scientific or artistic achievements or

b) particular achievements in the application or development of scientific knowledge and methods during at least five years of professional practice, of which at least three years must have been completed outside of a university context.
As a rule, the additional scientific achievements according to Sec. 100(1) no. 4 letter a) of the BerlHG are proven during a junior professorship or a post-doctoral lecturing qualification (habilitation or equivalent); Sec. 100 (4) letter b) regulates the exception in the form of practical experience.

Junior professorship W1

For the hiring of junior professors, the regulations in Sec. 102a of the BerlHG apply:

1. completed university degree,

2. pedagogical or teaching skills and experience,

3. particular qualification for scientific work, usually proven by the outstanding quality of a doctorate.

As a rule, the period between the last part of the doctoral examination and an application for a junior professorship may not exceed six years, except in the field of medicine, where nine years are allowed; this period shall be extended by up to two years per child or dependent in cases where applicants have had to care for one or more children under the age of 18 and/or care for dependents in need of constant nursing.

Besides the legal qualifications for hiring, additional criteria for hiring a professor are used. These include e.g. the candidates’ personalities, their social and communicative competency or their willingness to make a significant contribution to the university’s development.

Seven months before the first period of the junior professorship ends an evaluation is requiered (according to this guidelines (translation induced)).

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