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Salary at the TU Berlin

Since 1 January 2005, newly appointed professors nationwide have received their salary according to the “W” remuneration system.

The salaries of university professors at the TU Berlin are made up of the basic salary for the remuneration groups W2 or W3, the family-related supplement, an annual special bonus, and performance-based pay that can be negotiated. You can get information from our appointment officers, Ms. Krüger and Ms. Wagner, about the variable components of the salary and the principles applied when making offers at the TU Berlin.

One element of the salary offer is usually a limited-time static appointment performance bonus that is converted into special performance-based pay after 3 years.
This performance-based part of the salary is dependent on the professor’s results in research, teaching, continuing education, and support of young scientists and is regulated in the TU Berlin’s Statutes on the Provision of Performance-Based Pay (LinF Statutes).
You can contact Ms. Eickmeyer for personal advising on the allocation criteria and system. She will be happy to provide you with detailed information.
If you are already a member of the TU Berlin, you also have the possibility to inform yourself on the informational pages about the W remuneration system.

Junior professors receive the basic salary of the remuneration group W1. Since 1 August 2015, junior professors have received a 200€ monthly supplement (non-pensionable) in the first phase of their employment relationship. After a successful evaluation, this non-pensionable supplement will be increased to 460€ monthly in the extension phase.

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