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Salary payments

Two more things need to be taken care of, then you can receive your first salary: you need to get confirmation of your start of service and your tax identification number.

Confirmation of start of service

You can immediately receive your pay as soon as the HR team receives confirmation that you have started work - the so-called confirmation of the start of service. Please therefore remind the institute or faculty administration the day you start work that they should send this confirmation to the responsible HR team immediately.

Tax identification number

To pay your salary, the HR Department also needs your tax identification number in order to ask the Tax Office about your income tax classification and other information. If you have more than one employment relationship in Germany for which you pay taxes, we will also need information about whether your job at the TU Berlin is your primary employment or whether it is your secondary employment. If it is your secondary employment, it will be taxed according to income tax classification VI.


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