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Important! Essential only presence!

During the current period, please only send digital applications by email when applying via our job-postings database. Staff are unable to process applications sent by standard mail. If you recently submitted an application by standard mail, then please contact the department to which you applied (by email).

Tips for applicants

Application documents

- To be submitted as specified: letter, CV, proof of qualifications*typo3/#_ftn1

- In your letter, you should focus on your knowledge/skills and, if appropriate, experience as it relates to the duties of the post you are applying for as well as your knowledge of foreign languages if specified

- You are not obliged to provide any information regarding future life plans (e.g. completion of studies, semesters abroad, possible starting date (although you might be asked about this at an interview))



- You are not obliged to work your contract to the date specified at the start: you may give notice at any time (but you don’t need to discuss this during the interview)

- No obligation to answer questions relating to life plans (children/pregnancy, marital status, age, nationality or religion, membership of political party or union), you are permitted to lie! à your privacy is protected

The following questions are not permitted/taboo:

o   questions regarding life partners

o   questions regarding plans to marry

o   questions regarding family planning (pregnancy, plans to have children)

o   questions regarding religion and denomination

o   questions regarding membership of a political party

o   questions regarding membership of a union

o   questions regarding current income

o   questions regarding sexual orientation and preference

o   questions regarding your private life in general

-> You are permitted to lie if this is in your own interest!!

It’s better to do so than to say “That doesn’t concern you / I would prefer not to answer” à this will lose you points, raise suspicions and make it harder for you to get the job


A number of questions are not permitted unless providing a true answer is relevant to the job. These include...

- questions regarding your finances, particularly debts (for example if applying for a position in banking or sales)

- questions relating to previous offenses (for example if applying for positions in justice or with the police)

- questions relating to illness and disease (particularly infectious diseases if applying for positions in medicine, catering or the food industry)

Exceptions include questions relating to a current pregnancy, for example if applying for a job where pregnant women may not be employed or only employed under specific conditions as their health or that of the unborn child would otherwise be placed at risk or where the physical requirements of the job (model, dancer) are not compatible with a pregnancy. In such cases a potential employer may ask about your pregnancy and you are required to answer truthfully.

Should you not do so, the employer has the right to contest the employment contract.


All questions relating to your career and work, however difficult, are permitted. These include:

- questions regarding your education (school and higher education)

- questions regarding your CV (all previous positions)

- questions regarding your professional experience

- questions regarding secondary employment

- questions regarding a disability

- questions regarding mobility (driver’s license, own vehicle, willingness to move)

- questions regarding your availability (earliest possible starting date)

- questions regarding restraint on competition (for example when applying for management positions)

These questions are intended to test the candidate’s suitability for a position. As such, you are required to always answer such questions truthfully and in full.

- If asked about your "weaknesses", answer with something unrelated to the job (unmusical, no good with plants, ...)






*Up-to-date certificates, proofs and other documents supporting your application. These might include employment references, proof of language level or samples of work (if relevant).

To top


If you are interested in working as a student assistant at TU Berlin, you first need to make sure you fulfill the requirements for a student position. These are...

For all positions:

  • You must be enrolled at a German university and
  • currently not taking a leave of absence.


For a position with teaching responsibilities (tutor), the following also applies:

  • If you are a bachelor’s student:
    • You should have completed the third course semester or be able to submit proof of comparable knowledge (e.g. from previous studies or vocational training).
  • If you are a master's student:
    • If you are teaching bachelor’s students, you need:
      • a bachelor’s degree
  • If you are a student in a Diplom degree program:
    • You should have completed the Vordiplom or be able to submit proof of comparable knowledge (e.g. from previous studies or vocational training).

The legal foundation for this is the "Circular on Job Posting, Selection, and Hiring Procedures” dated 25.01.2017 in the amended version from 04.01.2018.

Finding a job

You can find current TU job postings for student employees online in our job database.


You must submit a written application to the address provided in the job posting before the application deadline. Your application consists of a cover letter and, at minimum, the documents required by the job posting. Depending on the position, you may want or need to submit further documents. 

The hiring criteria are taken from the job posting and are the only criteria to be considered during the selection process. If you are one of the final candidates, you will be notified and generally invited to an interview.

By the way: You can apply for multiple positions at the same time. You can also apply for a job even if you already have one. However, you cannot exceed the limit of 80 hours per month.


Student employees are initially hired for two years (four semesters) pursuant to Section 121 (3) BerlHG. However, the contract may be prematurely canceled if the position is funded by external funding or the university employment limit of six years has been reached pursuant to the Act on Academic Fixed-Term Contracts (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz - WissZeitVG). The contract may be extended or renewed upon application to your employer.

Despite the termination of the collective wage agreement for student assistants (TV Stud II), the regulations therein will continue to be maintained by TU Berlin (see circular "Effects of the Termination of the TV Stud II Collective Wage Agreement for Student Assistants").

Student employment contracts are to be for at least 40 hours per month. Most contracts are made for 40, 60, or 80 hours per month (pursuant to the Circular on Job Posting, Selection, and Hiring Procedures and Circular on Monthly Working Hours of Student Assistants). In some cases, the contract may be for 41 monthly working hours.

Pursuant to the circular "Increase to Compensation of Student Assistants at TU Berlin as of 01.01.2019 - Guarantee of Extra Pay,” student positions are compensated with EUR 12.50 per hour (EUR10.98 per hour pursuant to TV Stud II + EUR1.52 per hour as extra pay pursuant to Section 10 (4) TV Stud II). For a 40 or 80-hour position, this corresponds to a gross income of EUR500.00 or EUR1000.00 respectively per month.

You can inform yourself about your rights as a student assistant in a number of ways:

  • All recently hired student assistants are invited to an informational meeting (Neueingestelltentreffen or NEST). If you are unable to attend, you can also attend another time without registering. You can find the current dates in our calendar (see Aktuelles -> Veranstaltungskalender).
  • Additionally, you can also find the Staff Council Suggestions here on our website. This is our A-Z handbook all about your employment at TUB.
  • We are, of course, here for you: You can send us an email, call us, or come by during our office hours.

Good luck!

One final tip: The collective wage agreement which determines the pay of student employees in Berlin only applies to union members. Only those in the union are entitled to the provisions in the wage agreement.


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