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Non-Disclosure Obligation (Section 3 TV Stud III)

Upon signing your employment contract, you simultaneously consent to non-disclosure of any information accessible to you through your work.

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Non-Paid Special Leave

With the approval of your workplace, you can submit a request for non-paid special leave to Human Resources pursuant to Section 11 TV Stud III, e.g. for a semester abroad, internship, to finish a term paper at a company, or care for underage children. Unless you request leave to care for children, you must submit proof that you are taking a leave of absence for an academic purpose or that you are pursuing academic education, training, or continued education outside of the University or abroad.

Your workplace can request for your position to be filled in the interim. You do not need to terminate your employment. You should submit the request as early as possible. If your contract ends during your special leave, you must request a contract extension before you take leave.

Another important note: A leave of absence from your studies must be requested separately from special leave from work. Note that during a leave of absence, you are required to pay social security contributions, as you are no longer primarily dedicated to your studies during that time, but rather your work as a student assistant. Special leave is included in the calculation of the maximum duration of employment. This means that if you take six months of special leave, you may only work 5.5 years effectively. It may thus make sense to quit your job and then be rehired to make full use of the six years. (This application can be submitted 6 months in advance).

-> See also: Educational Leave, Child Benefit, Internship, Social Security Contributions, Leave of Absence

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Notice and Dismissal

-> See: Termination by the Employer

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Nursing Care Insurance

-> See: Health Insurance for Students

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