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Absence (Section 5 TV Stud III)

Student employees must request prior approval from their employer for any absences. In the event of an unapproved absence, you are not entitled to payment. If a tutorial does not take place at the beginning of a semester, the institute offering it must be notified. You can then be assigned other (equivalent teaching) responsibilities.

-> See also: Sick Note, Occupational Accident, Vacation, Paid Leave

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In order to easily access your workplace with any mobility restrictions, the following route and building descriptions are useful and provide additional information on finding the most accessible route: Accessibility and a barrier-free campus at TU.

Out of order elevators, obstructions, or insufficient lighting can be insurmountable barriers to individuals with a disability or chronic illness. You should send a message to the fault report office who will then resolve any such problems.

If your workplace is unexpectedly blocked due to, for example, events or construction work, your supervisor or Strategic Space Management can help you to find a substitute room/lecture hall short-term.

The Representative of Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses offers personal advising. We are also happy to further assist you further to work without any barriers.

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Accident Insurance

All students are insured against accidents to and from the University as well as within the University free of charge. In case of an accident: Tell the admitting physicians that it is an “occupational” or “university” accident. If you are not brought to a hospital but to a registered doctor, make sure that it is a so-called “Durchgangsarzt” or “D-Arzt” (accident insurance consultant). The accident insurance pays for medical treatment and, in the case of permanent injury to health, for rehabilitation and possibly pays an injury pension.

-> See also: Occupational Accident, Social Security Contributions

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Accommodation Allowance

Student assistants can apply for an accommodation allowance if they have rented a room or apartment and are no longer eligible for BAföG. Generally, this means that they have exceeded the maximum funding duration. Either parents or the BAföG Office are responsible for providing an accommodation stipend until the maximum funding duration has been reached. If you apply for an accommodation allowance, it is advisable to include the notice from the BAföG Office declining you a stipend.

Your own income and that of your spouse as well as the number of children and rent amount all determine whether you will receive an allowance and if so, how much. If you have a shared flat, you should indicate that each tenant is responsible for their own costs and that there is not a common fund.

The accommodation allowance is paid out beginning the month of the application, even when the application is submitted at the end of the month and not all documents have been submitted. The required documents can be submitted afterwards. Applications and further information about the accommodation allowance can be acquired from the Housing Office or your local borough’s citizens’ services. Student assistants with a child can apply for an accommodation allowance (at least for their child) even if they are still eligible for BAföG. Student assistants with a child are recommended to not apply for a housing stipend from the BAföG Office as children are not included in the consideration for the stipend from the BAföG Office.

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Additional Financial Benefits

Student employees do not receive additional financial benefits (such as a Christmas bonus).

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You have the right to a salary advance. As a rule, the university administration needs six weeks before it can issue your first paycheck – sometimes longer. If you urgently need your first wages, you can request an advance from the Department of Human Resources.

-> See also: Interest for Delay in Salary Payment

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Advancement of Women

Refer to: The Guidelines for the Advancement of Women, which can be found in German at https://www.tu-berlin.de/zentrale_frauenbeauftragte/menue/informationen/gesetze_und_richtlinien/

-> See also: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Annulment Contract (Section 12 TV Stud III)

The employment relationship can be terminated by mutual agreement with the employer without notice (e.g. collectively agreed notice periods). In this event, an annulment contract is to be concluded and signed by both contractual parties. Should you plan to annul your contract, contact PRSB as you may have remaining vacation days (or similar) to which you are still entitled. These lapse if they are not taken before the contract ends.

-> See also: Termination: By employee/by employer, Employer

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