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Falling Ill During Vacation

If you fall ill during vacation, your vacation days are not automatically lost. You can recoup the vacation days if you immediately inform your Human Resources team (II T 1 to II T 7) and can submit a sick note.

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Final Exam (Section 12 TV Stud III, employment contract)

A final exam or coursework usually marks the end of your student status. Pursuant to the new regulation in TV Stud III Section 12 (3), a student’s employment does not automatically end due to exmatriculation after a final exam. Instead it coincides with the end of the semester in which the student took the final exam. At TU Berlin a student is automatically exmatriculated once the exam results have been published. However, students can submit a request for exmatriculation at semester's end to the Examination Office, to delay exmatriculation.

Please note, however: You are required to begin paying social security contributions the day after your final exam or assessment. The date on which your grades are published is of no relevance. Starting from this point on you will no longer pay student contributions but rather social contributions, such as health insurance, nursing care insurance, your pension fund, and unemployment benefits, just like other non-student employees. The amount of these contributions depends on your gross pay. Thus, it is important that you promptly inform Human Resources of the date of your last exam.

-> See also: Termination of Employment, Social Security Contributions

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