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Health Insurance for Students/20-hour rule

Contributions to health and nursing care insurance are not deducted proportionally from your salary, but - depending on your age and gross income - are paid by yourself. The fact that the contributions are not deducted directly from your gross income is directly related to your status as a regular student. It is important that you devote most of your time to your studies (and not to paid work). People often speak about the 20-hour rule, which more or less prescribes that in a 40-hour week, a student should dedicate more than half of this time to their actual studies. Of course, certain exceptions are possible (see also: http://jugend.dgb.de/studium/beratung/students-at-work).

As a rule, students are required to possess health and nursing care insurance. For this reason, students are required to submit proof of their health insurance protection when enrolling. (Anyone who has health insurance also automatically has nursing care insurance). Exception: If you are still insured via your parents’ statutory health insurance (family insurance), you are not required to have your own health insurance.

If you prefer to have private rather than statutory health insurance as a student, you can request an exemption from the insurance requirement. This exemption is possible within the first three months after enrollment (or three months after the family insurance has ended) and is irrevocable for the duration of your studies. For more information, please contact your health insurance provider.

Student assistants can remain insured via their parents’ family insurance if they are under 25 years of age and do not earn more than EUR 445/month (as of 2019) plus an advertisement lump sum cost of EUR 1000 per year (EUR 83.33/month pursuant to Section 9a EStG), as all income as defined by EStG is relevant pursuant to Section 16 SGB IV. If you do military or civil service, however, you can remain insured during this time even if you are over the age of 25. Student assistants may thus earn a total of no more than EUR 528.33/month and remain insured via their parents.

Most student assistants are permitted to have statutory health insurance. The contribution fee for students (as of 2019) for all statutory health insurance providers is EUR 66.33 plus an additional fee of a few euros, which varies from provider to provider. Additionally, you must pay EUR 21.42 for nursing care insurance (if you are over 23 and have no children) or EUR 19.79 (for all others). If you receive BAföG, you are granted a health and nursing care insurance stipend of EUR 86/month (as of 2019).

Compulsory health insurance ends after the 14th course semester and/or once a student turns 30. In reasoned cases, membership can be extended: protest semester, pregnancy, second chance education, military and civil service, severe illness, disability, care for children in need, council work, leave of absence.

When the “health insurance for students” ends (also upon completion of your university education), you can and should continue to be insured. Exemption from co-payments is possible via the health insurer when the personal burden limit (2% of the annual gross income or 1% in the case of chronic illness) is reached.

If you receive an orphan’s pension, please note: When the German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme (Deutsche Rentenversicherung, DRV) pays the orphan's pension, it also deducts the contribution fees for health insurance. Students already paying health insurance contribution fees can have these reimbursed from their health insurance company.

-> See also: Termination of Employment, Social Security Contributions, Internship

Hiring Requirements

The formal requirements for a position as a student assistant are:

...For a position without teaching responsibilities:

  • Enrollment at a German university, not currently taking a leave of absence

...For a position with teaching responsibilities (tutor):

  • Enrollment (see above) and additionally:

  • If you are a bachelor’s student: You should have completed your third course semester or submit proof of comparable knowledge.
  • If you are a master’s student teaching bachelor’s students: You must possess a bachelor’s degree.
  • If you are a Diplom student: You must have completed your Vordiplom or submit proof of comparable knowledge.

See also circular from Human Resources dated 27.05.2016

-> See also: Maximum Duration of Employment

Human Resources/Personnel Team

Human Resources is responsible for all administrative matters concerning your employment. As a rule, Human Resources only acts upon request, either by you or your direct employer. Some processes can be sped up or clarified with a simple phone call to your relevant personnel team. You can contact Human Resources to find out which personnel team is responsible for you (If you already have a contract at TU Berlin, then this is the person with whom you signed the contract).

You can find Human Resources online at: www.personalabteilung.tu-berlin.de


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