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Labor Union

Labor unions are the social representatives of employees. You have the choice between GEW (Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft) and ver.di (Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft, formerly ÖTV, and others). Both labor unions led the wage negotiations for TV Stud III for student assistants at the Berlin universities. Membership costs 1% of your gross pay or EUR 2.50 per month. In return, you receive legal counseling and protection, among other services. You can request an application form from the labor unions or Staff Council. Joining and supporting the labor unions is recommended, as they are the only bodies which can participate in negotiations. Formally speaking, the conditions of the wage agreements apply only to union members. (You can receive further information from us or the labor unions.)

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Leave of Absence

If you take a leave of absence, you may continue to work. However, you are fully liable for social security contributions as you are no longer primarily dedicated to your studies. You must submit your enrollment certificate to Human Resources at the beginning and end of your leave of absence. Child benefit is only paid out during this time under certain conditions - please contact us or the responsible offices for further information.

-> See also: Child Benefit, Social Security Contributions, Contract Extension, Special Leave

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Limitation of Employment Contract (Section 2 TV Stud III, employment contract)

In your employment contract/offer or notification of increase in working hours or a contract extension, the date is listed on which your employment ends. Your employment contract is limited according to the Act on Academic Fixed-Term Contracts (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz - WissZeitVG) If your employment contract still refers to the Act on Part-Time Work and Fixed-Term Employment (Teilzeit- und Befristungsgesetz - TzBfG) as the legal foundation for the limitation to employment, it will be amended to refer to the WissZeitVG when or if your contract is renewed.

-> See also: Duration of the Employment Relationship, Maximum Duration of Employment

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Limitation Period (Section 15 TV Stud III)

Claims arising from the employment relationship (e.g. outstanding wages or references) can only be asserted in writing by you or the employer within six months of the due date. Claims expire after this point.

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