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-> Remuneration

Salary Advance

TU Berlin does not guarantee a salary advance.

Saturday/Sunday and Night Work

Bonuses are paid for work conducted outside of regular working hours:

  • There is a 25% bonus for work on Sundays.
  • A bonus is paid for work completed on public holidays. The bonus is calculated based on whether additional time off will be provided: if time off is not provided, the bonus is 135%, if time off is provided, the bonus is 35%.
  • There is a 20% bonus for work on Saturdays between 13:00 and 21:00.
  • There is a 20% bonus per hour for night work (21:00 to 6:00).

The work order for night work and special working hours must be submitted to the Staff Council for approval. Work may only be conducted once this approval has been given.

Requests are to be sent the relevant personnel team to take effect.

Second Income Tax Card

-> Income Tax Card, second; Income Tax Return

Second Job at the University

If you are already employed at the University, you are permitted to take up a second position at TUB or another university. It is important that the sum of your working hours for both jobs does not exceed 80 hours per month. In the case of employment at another university or in the private sector, you must submit an application for approval of secondary employment to the human resources department before taking up the position.

It is possible that your monthly working hours can be increased, resulting, for example, in 41 hours for one position and 39 hours for the other, or 40 hours for each. The regulations for the maximum duration of employment will be applied to the older contract, or in the event of two consecutive contracts, the sum of the durations. Contracts with other universities are included in the calculation (pursuant to WissZeitVG).

Regarding employment in addition to your position at TU Berlin, please refer to Secondary Employment.

Secondary Employment (employment contract)

In accordance with the collective agreement, you must inform Personnel (Department II) of secondary employment in good time (see Section 3(3) sentence 1 TV Stud III). TU Berlin has a provided a (outdated) form for you (see here). However, you can also inform Personnel without using the form. You must include all crucial information though, such as the weekly/monthly working hours.

Second jobs at the University are an exception to this rule. You can find more information under Second Job at the University.

Secondary employment generally does not pose a problem as long as the sum of your working hours for both jobs does not exceed 80 hours/month as this guarantees that you do not exceed the weekly cap of 20 hours per week.

Important! If your working hours exceed 20 hours/week, the full social insurance obligation usually enters into effect, i.e. unemployment insurance, health insurance contribution, nursing care insurance, pension contribution, and, if applicable, accident insurance are then automatically deducted from your salary. However, in some cases (e.g. in the case of voluntary health insurance) this can be financially more advantageous.

In special cases, TU Berlin can prohibit your taking up the secondary employment. Should this occur, we are to be included in the decision process as the responsible representatives. If TU Berlin prohibits you from taking up secondary employment, we strongly recommend immediately contacting us.

-> See also: Income Tax Card (second), Internship, Social Security Contributions, Health Insurance/20-hour rule

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Section 12(2) of the State Equal Opportunity Act states: “Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, unnecessary physical contact, unwanted remarks of sexual content, unwanted remarks, comments or jokes about the appearance of employees, pornography in the workplace, and incitement to sexual activity.” Paragraph 3 states: “Sexual harassment is a breach of duty and misconduct within the meaning of the national disciplinary code.” What each individual perceives as harassment is different. If you feel harassed, you should not accept this under any circumstances or allow yourself to be persuaded that you are just too sensitive or are imagining everything. Harassed women can contact their faculty’s women’s representative at any time. Student assistants can also contact the Staff Council if they are being harassed. All complaints are confidential.

Sick Child

If your child is ill for a longer period of time, you can request unpaid leave. Human Resources requires a certificate certifying your child is ill and that it requires care (Section 35 SGB V). If you cannot inform Human Resources that you can make up the missed working hours, your salary is reduced accordingly. The legal regulations of course always apply to your own children under 12 years of age: Every parent is entitled to take ten days of leave per year to care for a sick child; single-parents are entitled to the full amount of 20 days. The number of sick days doubles for two children. There is, however, a maximum limit for more than two children: This is 25 days per parent and 50 days for single-parents.

In case your child is seriously ill, you can be released from work for up to four working days according to Section 11 TV Stud III with continued payment of wages if the legal regulations described above do not apply.

-> See also: Paid Leave

Sick Note and Notification of Sickness (Section 9 TV Stud III)

If you are ill, you are not required to work (nor are you required to make up the missed hours) and can receive your full salary for up to ten weeks. Your allocated number of vacation days remains unaffected. You are to immediately notify your direct place of employment that you are sick as well as how long you expect to remain out. If you are sick for longer than three calendar days (including Saturday and Sunday), you must submit a sick note no later than the next day on which you resume work. The sick note is to be sent directly to your Human Resources team. Due to data protection regulations, your coworkers are not permitted to see your sick note and may not demand this of you! Once you are well enough to resume work, you must inform your direct place of employment, even if you would normally not have to work on that day. Your office must inform the Human Resources team that you are no longer sick and have resumed work (form). If your office forgets to notify HR, you must expect that your salary payments will be discontinued after 10 weeks (see circular “Sick notes and Unexcused Absences” dated 29.08.2013).

-> See also: Occupational Accident, Falling Ill During Vacation, Sick Pay

Sick Pay (Section 9 TV Stud III)

If you have a sick note and are unable to work due to an accident or illness, you are entitled to paid leave for up to 10 weeks. After this period, you will no longer receive sick pay from the health insurance company as you are not insured as an employee but rather as a student (special tariff).

-> See also: Sick Note and Notification of Sickness

Social Security Contributions

Social security contributions include pension, unemployment, nursing care, and health insurance contributions.

Due to your status as a working student, unemployment, health, and nursing care contributions are not taken from your gross pay. You only pay pension fund contributions. (More information available here). Of course, you must still have health insurance as a student. For more information, refer to Health Insurance. As a general rule, you are not subject to paying tax. However, this depends on your tax bracket and whether you have other income.

Your privilege as a working student only applies if you spend the majority of your time devoted to studies. This means, for example, that during part time studies or a leave of absence, or the day after you complete your final exam (even if you are still enrolled), you are responsible for fully paying the social security contributions. This privilege also ceases if you work more than 20 hours per week.

The social security contributions are then deducted from your gross pay, as is the case for other employees. It is thus important that you inform Human Resources of any such changes.

-> See also: Health Insurance, Health Insurance for Students/20-hour-rule, Final Exam, Leave of Absence, Unemployment Insurance, Nursing Care Insurance, Internship, Accident Insurance, Paid Special Leave/Unpaid Special Leave, Pension Fund, Compulsory Insurance

Solidarity Tax

5.5 % (as of 2016) is withheld from income tax as solidarity tax. If you fall below the cap, you do not need to pay the tax. This is generally the case for student assistants.

Staff Council for Student Assistants

The Staff Council for Student Assistants is the body at TU Berlin responsible for representing your interests. The members of the staff council are elected from among and by the student assistants. The term of office is one year.

Members of the Staff Council are available should you have a problem or seek information and advice. You can find our current office hours on our website.

We are often able to help over the phone: 314-22351 (staff council) and 314-21724 (office) or also via email:

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