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Unemployment Benefit - covering the first 12-18 months of unemployment (Arbeitslosengeld I)

Student assistants are generally not entitled to Arbeitslosengeld I during their studies or immediately after their studies, as their student employee status exempts them from unemployment benefit contributions. Student assistants are only entitled to receive Arbeitslosengeld I if they have worked a minimum of 360 days in the past two years in a position where they were required to pay social security contributions. It is not possible to voluntarily pay contributions to unemployment benefits.

-> See also: Health Insurance for Students/20-hour rule

Unemployment Benefit - paid after the first 12-18 months of unemployment (Arbeitslosengeld II)

Known as “Hartz IV” since 2005. Generally, students can only receive financial support during their studies through BAföG. Students are not entitled to Arbeitslosengeld II. There is, however, an exception for leaves of absence and in the event of pregnancy. Please contact the responsible public authorities or the Staff Council for further information if your situation changes. However, you can apply for a housing allowance if you are not eligible to receive BAföG benefits.

-> See also: Social Security Contributions, Termination of Employment

Unemployment Insurance

Student assistants do not contribute to unemployment insurance. An exception applies if you continue to work till the end of the semester after completing your final exam. In this case, you are required to pay social security contributions until you exmatriculate, thus paying into unemployment insurance (1.9% of your gross pay). If you are taking a leave of absence, you are still required to pay social security contributions in full.

University Transfer

Before transferring universities, you should ensure that the transfer does not negatively affect your employment contract at TU Berlin. You must ensure that you remain enrolled. According to the legal provisions, which German university you are enrolled at is irrelevant. However, it may be advisable to be dually enrolled.


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