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Established Scientists/Professors

Network of Women Professors at TUB

In 2009, at the initiative of the then Vice President for Research Prof. Johann Köppel and the then Main Women's Representative Heidi Degethoff de Campos, a meeting of female scientists at the TUB was organized for the first time and thereby giving them a platform for multidisciplinary networking. The goal was to engender collaboration and to promote the pooling of skills. In 2010, Prof. Ulrike Woggon, then Vice President for Research, and Dr. Andrea Blumtritt, then Main Women's Representative, hosted a second networking meeting. The network is now to be carried forward and a new area of focus is to be established.  

Assistant Professorships in the "TU – innovativ" Program

The "TU-innovativ" component of the "Female Researchers to the Top" program links the goals of the advancement of women with ongoing structural developments at TUB. In the context of this program component, TUB institutes can apply for a total of up to six assistant professorships (W1, with tenure-track option) in innovative research fields. The goal is to provide the faculties with the options they need to develop their profiles by promoting innovative research. At the same time, the aim is to recruit female scientists active in future-oriented fields. Upon successful completion of the assistant professorship an early appointment to a permanent W2 position can be granted

Early-Stage Female Researchers

Program for Female Doctoral Candidates

The virtual program proMotion is open to all female doctoral candidates at TUB. The program aims to strengthen female scholars and to continually accompany them through the successful completion of their degrees. ProMotion offers individual advisory services and interdisciplinary training opportunities in addition to possibilities for interdisciplinary exchange and multidisciplinary networking. 

Scholarships for Completing a Doctoral Degree (PAS)

In the context of the "Berlin Program to Promote Equal Opportunities for Women in Research and Teaching" TUB is awarding five scholarships each semester for women to complete their doctoral degrees. Financial assistance is provided to promising female scientists from TUB faculties/departments in which women are underrepresented at the doctoral level, or to female doctoral candidates at TUB working on gender research issues that interface with the natural sciences or technology. The scholarship is awarded for six months and begins on either April 1, or October 1.

IPODI – Fellowship Program for Female Postdocs

Through 2018, TUB will continue to attract first-class young female scientists from a variety of countries thanks to this international postdoc initiative. A total of 21 post-doctoral fellowships will also be made available. IPODI is a component in the internal TUB qualification program "Female Researchers to the Top." Funds from the Marie Curie Actions/COFUND, a prestigious promotional program of the European Union, were successfully raised to finance the program.

ProFiL – Career Development Programm for Female Postdocs

ProFiL "Professionalization for Women in Research and Teaching: Mentoring – Training – Networking" is a cross-university program of the Technische Universität Berlin, Humboldt Universität Berlin and the Freie Universität Berlin to promote female scholars on their way to obtaining full professorships. In the course of 12 months, the participants of the ProFiL program receive intensive support in the planning and developing of their careers and can prepare themselves for the upcoming of leadership and management challenges associated with a professorship.

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Female university students and graduates

pro∫cience accompanies women during their studies

The pro∫cience program offers female students at TUB a rich variety of training opportunities (software and work techniques) throughout the entire course of their studies, it advises on software and masters theses projects, provides interdisciplinary networking options and initial insights into research processes through workshops and internships with university cooperation partners. In Faculties II, III and VII, the program portfolio is organized in accordance with the specific field. Faculty IV also offers a programming course for female students.

'Clara von Simson'-Prize for Masters Theses

The best masters theses (German 'Diplom', Master) authored by female graduates primarily in the natural and technical sciences are honored annually with the 'Clara von Simson'-Prize. The first prize amounts to 2500 euros, the second prize 1500 euros and the third prize 1000 euros. The prizes can be shared. Prizes are awarded by the President of TUB during a formal event.

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Female school students

School Portal
The School Portal (Schulportal) offers instructors and high school students an overview of high school-related projects of TUB. The portal is offered by the School Liaison Office, the central coordination point for cooperation with high schools. The School Liaison Office also offers numerous other services for businesses and university members.  

The Techno-Club offers a variety of opportunities to female high school students. The program combines visits to schools by female university students with a series of events each semester. Female high school students carry out experiments and conduct research in the laboratories of TUB, they explore the university campus and become acquainted with important facilities such as the University Library and the Student Advisory Service.    

Girls' Day
On Girls' Day, TUB opens its labs and institutes for school girls in the 5th to 8th grades. For one whole day they can experiment and acquaint themselves with professions and courses of study at TUB in the fields of technology and the natural sciences. They experience how exciting science and technology can be and discover new possibilities for professional activity outside of the "typical women’s professions." The School Liaison Office of TUB is in charge of coordinating Girls' Day.

Lab Girls Questions – Experiments – Ideas – Solutions.
The Lab Girls program offers girls the possibility of carrying out experiments in the fields of physics and chemistry in accordance with their own interests. In doing so they will be accompanied by female university students majoring in physics or chemistry. In addition to experiments, there will be opportunities to inspect research laboratories and university libraries or a visit to the Student Advisory Services.  

dEIn Labor/GET-IT!
dEIn Labor is the central contact point for school and youth activities at Faculty IV of TUB and unites all the offered educational formats in electrical engineering and information technology. The GET-IT! project is geared in particular to school girls. It offers girls a chance to learn about the offered courses through workshops and lectures, thereby helping them to choose a degree course and a profession. In guided tours through small, medium-sized and large companies, they can speak with female engineers and computer scientists and acquaint themselves with everyday working life.

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Female staff members in technology and administration Networking opportunities

Networking opportunities
In the context of various events related to women's issues organized by the Main Office for Women's Affairs each year (e.g. Women's Plenary), female staff members in technology and administration have the opportunity to network and to learn about the support and continuing education options available from the University.

Continuing education
The Human Resources Department offers continuing education opportunities for employees of TUB in the form of comprehensive course offerings on the subjects of office management and law, health, care issues, family and vocation, language and culture, as well as occupational safety and environmental safety to enhance professional skills and vocational development.

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