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Advice for victims of sexual discrimination, harassment and violence

Whenever women are victims of sexual discrimination, harassment or violence, the Women's Representative provides strictly confidential advice for women - and if they so desire - represents them in conflict discussions or accompanies them to any related proceedings. Furthermore, Women's Representatives advise university organizations on questions pertaining to the introduction and implementation of measures to protect its members and affiliates from sexual discrimination, harassment or violence.

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Support for women in need:

Violence against women support hotline: 08000 116 016

"We will find answers together · free of charge · Confidentially · Round the clock!"

Consulting on gender equality measures in collaborative research projects

Third-party donors explicitly require the development and implementation of measures that promote gender equality in proposals submitted to collaborative research projects. An innovative and coherent concept of gender equality can thus play an important role in the success or failure of an application. The practical implementation of the concept is also systematically evaluated. Together with other actors, the Gender Equality Officer advises and supports faculties, organizations and other actors in developing the corresponding equal opportunity concepts, in implementing and assessing measures, and integrating gender and diversity aspects into research proposals. These concepts are oriented towards the University's current plans for the advancement of women and equal opportunity measures.

Advising institutions and committees

In accordance with university law, the Main and Local Women's Representatives of TUB actively participate on the committees of the academic administration (among others, the Academic Senate with its committees, Board of Trustees and Faculty Councils). They raise awareness in these committees for the problems and challenges associated with gender equality issues. They support the implementation of equal opportunity measures in all fields of activity at the TUB and provide recommendations for the continued development of equal opportunity policies. Furthermore, they also act as consultants in University work groups on topics related to gender equality.

Advice on gender equality programs and projects

To improve equal opportunity between the genders and to diminish structural disadvantages for women, the university is developing a variety of measures. With their expertise, the Women's Representatives and other equal opportunity actors support the development and implementation of goal-driven gender equality programs and projects at TUB.

Advice on affirmative action plans

The Office for Women's Affairs advises and accompanies the faculties and organizations in developing and implementing affirmative action plans for the advancement of women. The listed measures constitute the basis for improvement of the situation of female employees and members of the specific departments. The affirmative action plans are valid for two years and are a constituent part of development planning. An analysis of strengths and weaknesses serves as the basis for developing the goals and corresponding measures.

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Advising colleagues

The Main Women's Representative provides advice and training opportunities for all her colleagues active in the field of gender equality at the university level, e.g. for part-time, Local Women's Representatives. Pooled interest group representatives, such as members of the Staff Council (of student employees) or the General Student Committee (AStA) also have access to the expertise of the Women's Representatives.

Compatibility of work and family/Dual Career Service

For all members of TUB, the Family Office provides advice on how to reconcile professional activities/studies with family-related responsibilities and/or how to care for dependents. In addition to this it gives advice for special reconciliation measures in the context of third-party funding proposals. The Dual Career Service provides information to newly appointed professors and top-level administrators and their partners on finding accommodation, as regards child care and school systems, professional orientation and establishing contacts with potential employers in the area, in addition to information on life in Berlin.

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